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Hormones taking hold! Support please.

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cupcake78 Sat 27-Oct-12 22:16:29

I'm only 5wks but have had a hell of a week. My df is really very ill in hospital that is a good 45 mins drive away from me. I have a history of mc, sickness and tiredness is taking hold.

I have had a rough year with depression and anxiety and am starting to feel 'normal' again.

Tonight I think it's all starting to get on top of me. My dad is not getting better and the thought of losing him is unbearable. My hormones are swinging from one extreme to another.

I am understandably terrified of getting ill again and therefore really need to look after myself, sleep and eat well etc.

NAR4 Sat 27-Oct-12 23:09:16

You sound like you need to slow things down a bit and take care of yourself, as a priority. Do you have someone to look after you and provide some much needed pampering and emotional support? Hopefully your hormones will settle more as your pregnancy progresses and you will start to feel a lot better. In the mean time I often find a good weepey film (or 2) with a box of chocolates helps. Let it all out and blub if you need to.

Hope your dad recovers, but I am sure he wouldn't want your health and the babies to suffer for the sake of visiting him a lot. Maybe try to limit the number of visits per week, if you can bear to.

Also get your dr to sign you off work for a rest if you need one. He doesn't have to say it is pregnancy related.

cupcake78 Sun 28-Oct-12 09:13:32

It is definatley hormones! Im getting rushes of emotions night and day. Just done a little retail therapy so at least I will look nice even if I feel rubbish.

Dh is being brilliant really he is. Im getting as much rest as possible

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