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Achey hips, anyone?

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jolene Wed 02-Jan-02 21:54:21

I am 32 weeks pregnant with number three, third in three years, and I am 39. I have kept quite well ( apart from terrible indigestion) but in the past week or so have had what I can only describe as achey hips. If I sit, or lie down, or even walk about ( that doesn't leave much else) I get a dull, stiff ache in my hips, towards the back, but it does not feel like it is IN my back. I have to move slowly and carefully to get them going again! It reminds me of the way you see old men diging their gardens, and taking a while to straighten up again. I imagine they feel a bit like me.
It is becoming very difficult to pick up my two year old as my hips are just so sore and stiff.
I always feel like a long hot bath would help, and it does a bit.
I did not get this the last two times.
Sound familiar to anyone?

MalmoMum Wed 02-Jan-02 22:31:14

Yes but as you have already had 2 pgs ok that bodes well. It's prob those tired old pregnant liagaments.

By about week 36 I could hardly walk, I found an osteopath worked best for me and gently resettled things so I was able to go through labour standing. The physio gave me one of those belts and told me to clench my buttocks to take the pressure off my iliac-sacral ligaments.

Er, that's it, otherwise take it easy (ha, ha with two other children)

All the best

SueDonim Wed 02-Jan-02 23:04:21

I suffered with sacro-iliac pain during my last two pgs. In the mornings (and those nightly bathroom trips!) I simply couldn't get out of bed without being in agony. My leg would be sort of paralysed. I'd give the thumbs up to the belt, it really helped. A wheat-bag, heated in the microwave, is good, and a support under your bump in bed can relieve dragging on the muscles. Good luck!

honeybunny Thu 03-Jan-02 19:37:18

Ditto to what Suedonim said, plus put a pillow between your knees as well as under your bump to try to maintain a "neutral" hip and pelvis position, when lying down. Paracetamol is ok to take whilst pregnant if you dont usually have any problems with it. Check with your GP or midwife if you aren't sure. During the day try to change position regularly, ie if you ever get the chance to sit and relax, try to make sure you get up and stretch every 20 minutes. Oh, and don't cross your legs either. It keeps the circulation going and also "refreshes" the joint fluid in all of your joints, preventing the build up of pain the inducing stuff! Hope that makes sense.
If all home remedies fail, I'd highly recommend seeing a manipulative physiotherapist or osteopath who would be able to help. Unfortunately this would probably have to be private. NHS referrals to a physio would generally result in referral to an obstetric physio who would not be "manipulatively" trained, although they could provide the SIJ belt. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and hope the pain gets better.

jolene Thu 03-Jan-02 23:51:49

Thanks all.
I have been sleeping with pillow between legs as it is most comfy.
I got a wheat bag for Christmas! It is lavender scented and slightly too whiffy at the moment but I will give it a try.
I should probrbly ease up on the heavy DIY projects too....we have just knocked down an internal wall and are rebuilding the kitchen!
Glad to hear it is not too abnormal. I will mention it to my midwife when I see her next week.

ariel Thu 10-Jan-02 10:23:56

hi everyone,im 24 wks pregnant with no 3 and been in constant pain down below the doc says i have symphysis pubis dysfuntion.she has recommended physio and a support belt ,its so painfull!!,has anyone any suggestions how to cope with this.

janowen Thu 10-Jan-02 10:48:08

hi ariel
I'm 22 weeks pregnant with my third and I have psd, as I did in my last pregnancy.
Osteopathy helps give some relief anf I am also seeing a homeopath to see if the remedies can help reverse the softening of the ligaments. Lying on the floor with my legsover the side of the sofa (with extra cushions under knees to get them at right angles) also give a lot of relief. Ihave a belt but I try to use it as little as I can as, at such an early stage in pg there is a danger that over reliance on it could lead to further weakening of the ligaments and muscles. There a re various sites which will tell you more - have a look at Google
good luck


jasper Thu 10-Jan-02 23:46:33

I was given a belt too last time around but found it made the heartburn instantly far worse!

KateLB Tue 15-Jan-02 16:53:21

Hello - I'm 36 weeks pregnant with no 1, and also have very achy hips at night (it's impossible to find a position to lie in that doesn't ache, paralyse or asphyxiate you! sound familiar?!) The best things I've found to help are lavendar oil in the bath at bedtime, pillows under bump and between legs, and doing 'cat stretches' each morning to loosen up your back and hips (kneel on all fours and gently stretch your spine into an upward curve like a cat). Hope this helps - good luck!

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