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Molar or Multiple?

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BonnieBeaumont Fri 26-Oct-12 23:28:37

Hi everyone, I'm looking for your opinions/experience...

I found out I was pg just under a fortnight ago. Although my last period was 30th August, my cycles are usually around 50 days so when CB Digital said 2-3 weeks it sounded about right...

Last Friday I started spotting slightly (only when I wiped) and had a transvaginal scan at the EPAU on Monday. There was an empty sac but I wasn't too worried as going by my dates I would be around 5 weeks. The sonographer noticed another smaller, empty sac as well and some 'bubbling' but said the scan was inconclusive and to come back in a fortnight...

At the same time my bloods were taken and I received a phonecall the next day to tell me they were 17000. Coupled with the 'bubbling' the EPAU suspected a molar pregnancy. I met with a consultant later that day who is of the view that we should wait and see if both sacs progress. I'm the daughter of a non-identical twin which may also be relevant. I asked if my scans 'scream' molar to her and she said that they didn't. 48hrs later my hcg was 21800. I have to wait until 5th Nov but I'm going crazy with worry.

My spotting stopped completely within a day or so, no cramps, no clots but shouldn't the hcg double every 48 hours?

Thanks so much for reading. Molar or Multiple? Can you shed any light? xxx

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