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Drinking in first few weeks

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anticipation Thu 25-Oct-12 15:08:27

Just found I'm pregnant, which we are really happy about. Though, we were not really expecting it so I've been drinking a few times over the last month and had a few cigarettes also. I've heard of many woman who were pregnant for months and drink and smoke before they find out, but I'm still a bit worried. I just need some reassurance I guess.

anticipation Thu 25-Oct-12 15:09:11

Oh, I think I'm about 3 weeks.

HappyJoyful Thu 25-Oct-12 15:10:54

Incredibly common, try to not worry. Lots of women don't have a clue for months.

MrsRhettButler Thu 25-Oct-12 15:11:40

I found out I was pg on nye, had conceived on around the 10th dec. The amount of drink that I got through over the xmas period was astounding blush I really wouldn't worry about 3 weeks worth, it'll be fine smile
And congratulations!

ALittleBitOfMagic Thu 25-Oct-12 15:22:55

I was 7 weeks when I found out with my first and I had had quite a few wild nights out in that time . I don't think you have anything at all to worry about .

Congratulations smile

Holds hands up as well!!

I refused to put my life on hold while knowing that we were hoping for a BFP, which means until I took the test when I was a week late I'd had some drinks, plenty of caffeine and forbidden foods.

In my head I rationalised it that during the early weeks its largely a self contained life in the yolk sac, rather than getting all its nutrition from me via the placenta. I'm not entirely sure its medically true - but its helping me to live with it!

anonymooos Thu 25-Oct-12 16:22:11

You'll be absolutely fine, it's natural to feel worried but happens to many women and their babies are fine!

anticipation Fri 26-Oct-12 10:16:56

Thanks so much everyone!! I feel a lot better and not so guilty anymore. We were trying but this month we were a bit tired/stressed/lazy, so I thought, what the hell, it hasn't happened this month, so let's enjoy it while it lasts.
I can relax and enjoy it now...apart from the constipation, gas, bloating and nausea!!

mrsbugsywugsy Fri 26-Oct-12 19:34:19

Stuck that's correct, for the first couple of weeks the foetus hasn't implanted in your womb so nothing will get to it through the placenta. The doctor told me that, so you didn't just make it up smile

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