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Letter from GP to travel for airline

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ladymia Thu 25-Oct-12 10:30:03


Was hoping someone that has done this can help me. I will be travelling at 30 weeks so need to get one.

How long before travelling did you ask for this?
How long did i take to get it once you requested it?


WeeJo08 Thu 25-Oct-12 11:18:20

Hi Ladymia

I travelled out at 28.5 weeks and back at 30 weeks and requested the note a few weeks before from my GP. She didn't need to physically see me to give me the letter (which I found odd!) but just asked me a number of questions over the phone, like due date, general health, etc. She then left the letter in the surgery reception for me to pick up. I had to pay £15 - apparently the price varies from surgery to surgery. It was literally 2 lines long.

I wasn't asked for the letter by anyone at any airport (Luton, Belfast International or Malaga.) One thing though...just double check that your insurance covers you as well. My insurance was with Aegeas and their policy is if the doctor is happy to let you fly they are happy to insure you, but some other insurers don't insure you to fly after a certain number of weeks, regardless of what the doctor says.

Sorry for the long reply!

oscarwilde Thu 25-Oct-12 11:19:58

The airlines want it to be as close to your departure date as possible which is a total pita. How long it takes, depends on your GP. I imagine it is quite a frequent request these days - I made an apt, stating what it was for. he checked my blood pressure and my midwife notes and typed up a quick one liner on the spot saying that I was having a perfectly normal pregnancy and was safe to travel.
Beware that some airlines also want one for the return flight (ie won't accept a letter more than one week old) so if you are travelling for two weeks or more it is best to check their exact process and get it in writing in case you meet some jobsworth at the gate who thinks you are further along than you say. You may have to visit a GP while you are away though.

YouOldSlag Thu 25-Oct-12 11:20:58

Just remember to get your GP to write "fit to fly" and not just "fit to travel". I actually had to plead my case to a Spanish pilot on this one.

ladymia Thu 25-Oct-12 11:23:12

thanks for that ladies.

I have checked with my insurance and I will be covered but had not thought about having to get one for my return so I will be checking that now!

I will phone the GP's office and check with them how long they expect it to take. I better get my timing just right then.

ladymia Thu 25-Oct-12 11:47:01

thanks i will remember that!

WeeJo08 Thu 25-Oct-12 12:04:07

My GP included the dates I was flying on. Oh and also, I collected my letter the day before I was due to fly. It took a week and a bit.

I got mine last week and fly tomorrow. It says I have a normal uncomplicated pregnancy and can fly as planned. Oh and that I will be 33+5 on the return journey (airline accepts up to 36 weeks).

I'm also obviously taking my notes to back up dates etc. not for emergencies because this baby is staying put until we are back in England!

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