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Scared about c section

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MummyIsMagic79 Thu 25-Oct-12 10:16:25

I am 34 weeks pregnant and am scheduled for my 3rd CS on 30th of November.

I unfortunately also have a very severe vulval varicose vein. It is one of the worst my consultant/MW have seen and as a result of the pain, I am on codeine and bed rest for most of the time.

The worry I have is this: The vein is extremely dilated and swollen. I have no idea how far up my abdomen it reaches, almost past my bikini line I think. My consultant has told me that I am at a high risk of bleeding in theatre and she is going to recommend that extra blood be made available on the day. I suppose it's in case they start to cut ans hit the vein.

The vein is huge and I often can't walk at all when it's 'full'. I have been told throughout my pregnancy that if it were to burst, as a result of catching it, sitting down funny, or just eventually give way to the pressure, I will have to call 999 ASAP, hold pressure on it as best I can and hope I'm not alone, as it would be a 'catastrophic bleed'. Am terrified that will happen in theatre and they won't be able to stop it and I'll die.

I had an 1800ml PPH last time and it was horrible. I was in HDU for a day and my H was distraught.

What if I go into labour spontaneously before 39 weeks? Have been told that if this happens, just to call the hospital, and go in and I will be sectioned immediately. But then they wouldn't have the extra blood ready would they?

Has anybody any advice? Feel very silly, as work at the same hospital myself and am not ignorant of medical procedures, but just so scared.

Thanks for reading.

oscarwilde Thu 25-Oct-12 11:30:00

God - that must be terrifying and incredibly stressful. Even more so with two children flying around already to manage. I'm impressed you tried for a 3rd child frankly given your last experience - thats pretty brave !
I don't have specific advice and it sounds as though your consultant is being very up front with you which is great even though it is scaring the life out of you. All I can say is it sounds as though you need to follow the medical advice to the letter, ask for and accept as much help as you can get from friends and family and do what makes you feel better about the situation.

30th November is not that far away - though I appreciate that another 4 weeks of bedrest must be doing your head in. Have you got lots of "to do's" on the go or have you worked your way through every piece of paperwork and box set in the house and mentally redecorated the whole place already? I'll employ you to start my list if that helps at all grin!!

jellybeans Thu 25-Oct-12 13:37:23

I was in a simelar position. Facing a 3rd planned scetion (other two were emergency and crash). At c section 2 I lost 3.5L of blood during birth and had to be rushed back to theatre with internal bleeding and reoperated on. Was in HDU for 3-4 days, didn't see DT2 for 3 days, horrific. I too have pelvic varices but the blood loss was ruptured arteries/vessels. On top of this I was injecting blood thinners for lupus antibodies (cause stillbirth-I had already had two) and also a cervical stitch as was going into labour at 21 weeks (same stage I lost a DD). The stress was awful. I didn't assume i would have a baby at the end or survive the birth.

Well it turned out the birth was super straightforward. I cried of fear all the way through but all was fine! It was as magical as my natural births. DS first cry was amazing after all we had been through. No excess bleeding or complications. Was only in 3 days (2 nights). DS is now 3. I had blood on standby and a senior doctor doing the op. Planned=very safe. Hope this is a bit reassuring to you, you have a very good chance of all being fine and if it does recurr they will be ready to deal with it. Lots of luck.

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