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Breech 34+3 unable to book follow up midwife appt

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miniandfloss Wed 24-Oct-12 16:12:31


Need to just air my frustration! And also think hormones are making me a bit upset.

Just had midwife appointment. Baby has been head down and very low for weeks, said I had a lot of big movements this week and feelings in different places so thought baby had moved. She felt and said head was very clearly at the top which would account for my increased acid reflux and shortness of breath which have appeared this week.

So have a breech baby now and I know there are a few weeks left for it to turn so keeping positive thoughts going! The midwife said book next appointment for 2 weeks time to do your birth plan and if no change in position we'll go for a scan and discuss options. Went to book my appointment at reception to be told they
can't see me for 4 weeks as no appointments left. I said I wasn't happy with this as will be 38 weeks + and got a bit upset. They took my details and said they would get the midwife to call me next wednesday when she is in to discuss. Have come home feeling a bit deflated and worried.

On the positive side was already aware of spinning babies site and will be definitely using stuff from here but If anyone else has any ideas they would like to share would be very grateful...

ItsMyLastOne Wed 24-Oct-12 16:36:13

I'm 34+2 and found out last week my baby had moved from head down to transverse. Although this afternoon she's definitely moved a bit and is somewhere between transverse and breech I think.

When I found out last week that the baby was transverse, the mw did want me to come back this week but there weren't any appointments so she booked me in for next week instead. She said she wanted to see me sooner rather than later so she can keep an eye on things and it would give us more time to fit in scans etc if need be.

Your mw probably won't be aware that any of this has happened so I would give her a call and ask if there's any way you could be seen sooner given the tight time frame. Maybe she could see you at home or at a different clinic? I don't know if that's possible but I think it's worth discussing it with her.

sleepyhead1234 Wed 24-Oct-12 22:01:25

I agree with itsmylastone Get in touch with your m/w. I've found the m/w or gp's don't know whats said about app. bookings etc. Could your gp do an antenatal app? My m/w told me this week they are able to do them?

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