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Diagnosed with OC..being induced Monday at 37 weeks...any experience?

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windsurf74 Wed 24-Oct-12 14:05:02

Aside from the fact I'm itching like hell and thrilled really that I won't have to go through it for much longer, I'm scared to hell about being induced!

Can anyone tell me their experiences? I've read that the earlier you are induced, the more painful it is (i.e if you were induced at 42 weeks it wouldn't be as painful as at 37 weeks). Is this true?

I'm booked in for 8pm Monday night, told I'll have 2 gels (?!) one when i get there, and then another at 2am. Then at 9am the following morning I'll be taken to the delivery suite for a drip to move things on and probably have my waters broken.

How long does all this take? ( or is it a case of how long is a piece of string!)

Squidge123 Wed 24-Oct-12 21:14:25

Hi, I had 0c with both my previous pregnancies, with dd I had at 33 weeks and waters broke naturally, did get put on drip too speed up then and labour was 8 hours total.

With ds I was induced at 37 weeks and had 1 pessary at about 430 pm then started having contractions after a couple of hours, they were due to break my waters late evening but due to not enough staff they didn't do it till 930 am and I delivered at 12 noon

I found quite quick but I do labour well and it really depends, bet u can't wait for the itching to stop!!

I am now pregnant with number 3 early days and imagine I will get oc again x

windsurf74 Wed 24-Oct-12 22:44:15

Desperate for the itching to stop and my little girl to be here!

Hopefully I will have a good experience like yours smile

weegiemum Wed 24-Oct-12 22:50:07

I was induced at 37 weeks with dd2 (dc3). I had a kidney problem related to pregnancy. I was given a pessary at 6am, went back to sleep, and she was born at 6pm. It was no more painful than my labour with ds and a heck of a lot easier than with dd1 (who was a 10lb posterior presentation!). They didn't break my waters and I didn't need a drip. Waters went on 2nd last contraction, full in the face of the junior doc who was shadowing me. Audible pop!!
I'm glad they induced as she was 7lb15 3 weeks early!!

Smallgreenone Thu 25-Oct-12 06:52:25

I was induced at 36+6 and they went straight for the drip. Contractions started v quickly but not painful at all. They kept turning the drip up ad contractions got more frequent and stronger but still not very painful- no need for pain relief and I am a wimp! They started me off mid morning and by 4pm consultant said there was no change whatsoever to my cervi and the baby was showing signs of distress so they had to turn the drip down. He said I could carry on but he would prefer me to have a section as he saw no point in tiring me and distressing baby which could lead to emcs anyway. So basically be aware that induction early can fail and they'll have to open you up. It wasn't so bad really and I had my baby in my arms about 20 minutes after signing the consent form grin

Bimbledorf Thu 25-Oct-12 07:27:35

I could have written your post windsurf. I am getting my date for induction tomorrow having been diagnosed with OC at 31 weeks. It's so horrible isn't it. Worried about induction too. I know from experience the drip is no fun if on continuously and cranked up to the max, but if it is used to just get you going then switched off, turned down it shouldn't be any different. Hope it all goes well. Good luck! X

Princessdivaaa Thu 25-Oct-12 07:39:02

I've had OC with both my pregnancy's.. Was supposed to be induced with my first at 38 weeks but she came naturally the day before.

With my second was induced at 37 weeks.. Had some cream on my cervix and 15 mins later had contractions.. My son was Born a few hours later.

The itching stopped immediately the babies were born (such a relief)..

Not sure being induced is any more painful than not...

good luck xx

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