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Travelling long haul in second trimester?

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Heart7 Wed 24-Oct-12 08:50:21

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Natanotherone Wed 24-Oct-12 09:13:16


I travelled to Vegas and Florida when 16 and 19 weeks pregnant with no issues or problems.
Take your notes just incase of any problems and get some flight socks, make sure you move around as much as you can smile)

As long as your pregnancy is straight forward it won't be a problem at all

Have fun smile


kittykatskumkwat Wed 24-Oct-12 09:16:31

My friend flew from oz to the uk and back, she was given the ok and was fine

ConfusedKiwi Wed 24-Oct-12 09:45:14

I flew from Edinburgh to NZ when about 18 weeks and back at 20 weeks (so that's Edinburgh - London, London - Singapore, Singapore - Auckland about 30 hours in total with a short time between flights).

As above, take your notes (and I'd recommend checking out what you should do in an emergency - e.g. which hospital) and wear flight socks. Also - slippers/sandals/loose shoes as you may find your feet swell and pregnancy can increase this.

I found the flights fine - I called once pregnant and let them know and was lucky to get bulkhead seats on most of the long flights (including one whole side - 3 seats - to myself at one point). Most airlines are pretty sympathetic but it will depend on how many parents with infants are travelling.

I made an effort to get up regularly to move about but I found it fine. Pretty exhausted by the time I arrived in NZ. Only downside was that although I'd had no morning sickness during pregnancy the smell of the airline food was pretty off putting - so I'd recommend taking some snacks. They were happy to give me some extra snack fruit when I wasn't able to face the meals.


ladymia Wed 24-Oct-12 10:33:20

I am doing a 8+6 hr (1hr stop off) flight at 26 weeks and returning at 30 weeks.

I was going to cancel it but my midwife said not to be ridiculous. I have checked my insurance which covers me until 30 weeks (the day I land back)

My pregnancy has been very straight forward though. I am now 20 weeks. I have not had any sickness or symptoms at all.

The midwife said I should get some flight socks and walk around whenever I can.

AlisonDB Wed 24-Oct-12 10:33:41

2nd trimester is when it's best to fly, you are not yet too big to be uncomfortable,

Having said that and I really don't want to burst your bubble but I'm just throwing this out there,

Do you have any morning sickness?
With my 1st preg, I had it from about wk 5 - 12 after that I felt great!
With this preg, I'm 32wks and still feeling/being sick!

It was unbearable during the summer months on the days when it was very hot (I would have been then in my 2nd tri)
I remember friends saying to me "are you going on holiday this year"
My answer was "no thank goodness!"
The thought of being somewhere hot, and not having my own things comforts around me was too much.

I'm sure you will be fine, I just wanted to say incase you hadn't thought of it!
Have Fun!

mameulah Wed 24-Oct-12 18:03:41

I flew during my second trimester, from the UK to Iceland. I know it isn't long haul but thought you might like to consider the toilet situation. That was my only hassle, I needed the toilet about every ten seconds.

windsurf74 Wed 24-Oct-12 18:12:55

Flight socks definitely.

The only other thing you might want to consider...Naturally i'm olive skinned. I tan very easily and go brown quickly. I'm 37 wks pg now, but when we had the couple of hot weeks earlier in the year, I literally burnt bright red within minutes EVEN though I was wearing factor 50. This was British sun! So not the power of Barbados sun! In fact, I had to keep completely covered up. It was as if my skin had totally changed. My DH couldn't believe it - neither could my mum! I have never ever burnt my entire life, and normally wear Factor 8 if that. Apparently, this can be quite common in pregnancy? Just worth looking into, although of course, it may not affect you in the slightest.

So personally, I wouldn't even consider going on holiday because for me, a big part of it is lying in the sun getting a lovely tan! Which i was totally unable to do because of how my skin had changed it's sensitivity to the sun.

halloweeneyqueeney Wed 24-Oct-12 18:15:04

yes, I wouldn't do it again, for one it was a bit of a waste of a long journey because being pregnant made it even more uncomfortable and unenjoyable

but mainly because I ended up in hospital abroad with bleeding, facing the posiblitlity of leaving the "remains" in a foreign country

Oh and the insurance EVENTUALLY paid up, but I had to pay first and re-claim, fortunately I did have the savings to do that

AlisonDB Wed 24-Oct-12 19:48:01

My skin also changed I'm usually fair skinned so I do have to be careful but I ended up with a butterfly looking pregnancy mask on my face, that was wearing factor 50 in northen European sun!

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