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Moms who had an emergency c section because baby's head was too big?

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Claire98909 Wed 24-Oct-12 04:29:36

This is for you ladies out there who attempted a vaginal delivery but wound up having a c section because the baby's head was too large to exit your pelvis. I know these questions probably sound very bizarre, but just bear with me; I'm a very curious person.

1. How far along in your vaginal canal was the top of the head before the doc made the call for a c section? Was the head visible on its own (i.e. was it beginning to spread your vulva) or was it only visible if the doctor spread your labia him/herself and took a peek up there? If it was visible on its own, how much of it was visible (i.e. a quarter size, a golf ball size, etc)?

2. Did you feel "loose" down there, or look/feel different down there, both immediately after the birth and in the weeks/months that followed? Or did you look/feel completely unchanged because the head did not stretch the opening of your vagina to the max?

3. How large was your baby (weight, head circumference)?

SlightlySuperiorPeasant Wed 24-Oct-12 09:05:32

I have only ever heard of this happening in America (lots of Amerucsn friends and family).

GotMyGoat Wed 24-Oct-12 09:09:35

That's called something with a z isn't it, where they push baby back up to do a section... I feel like its something that sounds like zanzibar procedure. Not likely to happen in the Uk, are you in the UK op? Here they are likely to use ventouse/forceps and make an episiotomy instead.

Threelittleducks Wed 24-Oct-12 09:31:50

I had a section with my first son.
Natural labour, fully dilated, started pushing and then doctor saw nothing was happening and scheduled a section.

Well, actually, we got to theatre and they decided to attempt forceps first as an option. Doc took one look and, well, no chance.
Section it was!

Ds's head hadn't dropped into the pelvis really at all. His head was too big for my pelvis. He was 10lb 9oz. I am a tiny little lady - everyone was shocked!

AFAIK, head wasn't visible. 'down there's hadn't changed at all. Definitely didn't feel loose or stretched or anything. Pretty normal. Which was odd as inside I had felt 'open' iykwim, before labour, like he would just fall out! Clearly that was never an option!
Sorry, can't remember head circ, but know it was bigger than average (too lazy to go find red book).
Poor boy was huge, looked like he had been blown up. Just massive! smile

beatofthedrum Wed 24-Oct-12 09:58:38

This happened to me. Was ready to discuss/ empathise when I clicked on the thread but don't fancy going over traumatic detail because you're 'a very curious person'.

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