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9 weeks and tingling in abdomen

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katesav87 Tue 23-Oct-12 18:10:16

Hi everyone. Has n e one ever experienced tingling and almost fluttering in the abdomen/ tummy at 9 weeks. I'm 9 weeks and 1 day today with my second. I know it can't be the baby moving but I have no idea wat it is and I've had 3 miscarriages before. I almost want to itch it. It dosent hurt at all. N e help would be appreciated xx

katesav87 Thu 17-Jan-13 18:38:14

Hey god we r the same haha. Everyone keeps saying oh ur bumps small bla bla bla and I wake up in the morning and think I don't even look pregnant!! I totally get wat u mean about worried if it is movement or not. I never wanted to tell n e one I thought I could feel something incase I had lost him at the next scan how werid is that I still think oh is that him but I know it is as its abit stronger now. So please don't feel alone as I am right there with u I feel totally the same. I've had a totally meltdown today shouted at my dd this morning went to work miserable then made myself look like an idoit to my boss and my friends at work cut a long story short but cos of the snow tomorrow they've given work mobiles to the ppl that live the furthest away and I mean I don't live close either but closer than them and asked them to work from home and asked the 2 pregnant ppl in the team to phone in the morning and potentially come in and if it gets worse drive home in it. Am I over reacting or is there no logic in that. So they have let the none pregnant ppl work at home but the pregnant ppl that can actually get on at home aswell have to try get it. I'm so angry with them all!! Set a bit of a angry message to my boss and a friend at work telling them I felt they couldn't trust me to work from home etc. and now I feel awful for doing it and even more upset and anxious. I know I'm over reacting but I'm fed up of being left out at work. They know how bad my anxiety is!!! N e way sorry to rant on. Not long till ur 20 week scan now how exciting r u going to find out? Xxxx

MrFranklyShankly Fri 18-Jan-13 20:08:17

Hi kate how did today go? Cant believe ur work expected u to go in the weather your hving is awful and dangerous to be travelling in at the best of times never mind when pregnant...if we get anything like that i will def be staying put! My anxiety had calmed dwn a bit 2day i just finding the wait till my 20 week scan really long hve another 5 weeks:-( i dont think ill find out, dh really doesnt want to know and if i find out alone there isnt a hope id be able to keep it quiet lol...i hve a feeling it will be another girl and i wuld be over the moon about that, i hve no sisters so id love a house of girls :-) people at work tho really annoy me keep saying hopefully this will be your boy then u wont hve to hve any more...which is really hurtful...i just want a baby...if only they knew the worry.....hope you got on okay today and ended up tucked up nice and warm at home...thanks for the reassurance. F xxx

katesav87 Fri 18-Jan-13 21:08:11

Hey, that 5 weeks will go so quickly!! Very exciting!! Well I ended up at work and was so close to tears didn't speak to my boss the the snow came and they sent me home and said I should never of come in. Well tell that to my boss for asking me to come in. It was totally ridiculous made me so angry!!!! Do u live in the uk then or somewere else? The snow was so bad so lucky to be inside xx

katesav87 Wed 13-Feb-13 18:57:01

Hey f how u doing had to google this to find the thread haha. Have u had ur scan yet? Xxx

MrFranklyShankly Wed 13-Feb-13 20:56:22

Hi kate thats mad i came on 2nite with the intensions of finding this thread too haha u beat me to it! Im good still worrying away! Am 20 weeks now still not hvin much movement am hvin a bit but days go by with nothing and then ill get a little flutter really low dwn so worried something is wrong wit baba:-( i hve my scan on tues next and it cant come quick enuf altho im a bit nervous bump is a bit funny looking ongoin with all the worries...cant believe ive got this how r u? How many weeks r u now? Is baby moving more now?? Wen are you due?? Good to hear from u:-) f xxx

katesav87 Wed 13-Feb-13 21:10:51

Aww yay 20 weeks so exciting!!! I was excately the same about movements it's only been the past few weeks that he's really started rolling and kicking around!! I spoke to my midwife and she wasnt worried. All my movements were low down until last week I was so worried! But they reassurances me everything was ok and wen I went for my 20 week scan he was right low down so that's prob y. Don't worry I bet ur scan is fab! R u finding out wat u r having? I'm 25 weeks now. Due 27th may! Feels like its taking forever! Wen r u due xxxx

MrFranklyShankly Wed 13-Feb-13 21:51:30

awww 25 weeks its gd to get the weeks ticked off yeah it does feel like due 27th june!!! Well thats the date they told me last culd change and chances r ill go over a bit did with my dds...but like that kate ill be glad to get to the end! Dont think ill find out dh doesnt want to so ill glad to hear the movements are normal does feel like baba is low down think i just want to be further on so want to be at that point where im getting my ribs kicked for reassurance to know he/she

katesav87 Thu 14-Feb-13 13:31:00

Yea seems like a life time away. Just want to meet him now and stop worrying about if he's ok in there. Yea kicks r higher now but that's only just happened. Ask we're ur placenta is in ur 20 week scan it may be at the front so that's why u can't feel it as much although mines at the back and I couldn't feel alot. How's the bump growing? I kept getting comments like oh ur so small but there not so much now a days as he seems to of popped out about. Saw my midwife yesterday and all was measuring correctly xxxz

MrFranklyShankly Mon 18-Feb-13 20:46:04

Hi kate how r u and ur little man doin? Well i hve my 20 week scan tomorrow...and im just so nervous...the movements hve def picked up in the last few days but r still very low feeling...yeah my gp thinks my placenta culd be low and maybe to the front but ill find out 2morrow...just hope baba is doin okay...starting to hve heartburn which is yuck but glad to be hvin the normal pg things if that makes sense! Well my 'bump' is very funny looking its very flat where baba is at the bottom and then like a bump at the top which isnt actually baby....i wish people wuld think b4 they make never make any comments to non pg women on their shape or pg women so why do they think its open season wen the see a pg women it really annoys me.. Anyway hope ur gd ill let u know how i get on fingers crossed. Fxxx

katesav87 Mon 18-Feb-13 21:01:14

Hey f!! Good luck for tomorrow although u won't need it everything with bubs will be great :-) me and little man r good. Still anxious about loosing him but think I won't stop being like I am until he's here in my arms!! I hate heartburn it's so horrid isn't it!! But as u say it reminds me that I'm pregnant except for my bump lol. I agree I don't know y ppl feel the need to make comments that hurt u they just don't think! Can't wait to hear tomorrow all about ur scan xxx

katesav87 Tue 19-Feb-13 17:54:20

Hey how did ur scan go today xxxx

MrFranklyShankly Tue 19-Feb-13 20:39:44

Hi kate well scan went really well :-)!!! Was sooo happy to see baby bouncing around the place! We got to watch her/him moving around for ages so was really happy & bck in another 10 weeks!! Funny since the scan hve been feeling a gd bit of movement... They said the placenta was well up and i shuld start to feel more movement r you both doing?? F xxx

katesav87 Wed 20-Feb-13 08:10:04

Fab!!! So glad it all went well and u get a surprise to!! :-) I wonder wether it's a girl or boy. Glad ur feeling abit more now. Dunno whether I've got used to my movements or its cos I'm so busy but feel like he's a lazy baby dosent move that much. Also started feeling like I can't breath properly this last couple of days like heart palpitations don't know if its were I'm tired and over doing it and its my anxiety but will ask the midwife I think wen I see her. Do u get another scan in 10 weeks then?? Xx

MrFranklyShankly Wed 13-Mar-13 09:54:33

Hey Kate,

How are you and your little man getting on??? How have you been keeping??? Well I'm currently off work.....I have high blood pressure and have been in bits with headaches for the last few weeks, so they signed me off, think it could be due to stress at work, been having a hard few weeks so I'm glad to be off to be honest, just to get some rest.....was with the doctor again yesterday and the bp is starting to come down so thats a good sign and the headaches are easing off.....but I got such a shock when they told me my bp was high, of course that set of a whole new set of worries! So I'm 24 weeks now, I have the next scan at the end of April and it seems like a life time away.....getting some movement Usually baba is really active at about 5 int he morn, which is typical! But it still is quite low and not that frequent, but I'm just hoping that is all how about you Kate??? How many weeks are you now?? Your in the last hurdle of it anyway, last trimester?? I'd say you just cant wait until May.....well I hope your keeping well. Frankly xxx

katesav87 Wed 13-Mar-13 11:48:55

Hey f! Great to hear from u! Sounds like uve had a tough few weeks bless u I bet u were shocked ur bp was so high. Glad they signed u off and it's starting to go down now. U take as long as u need urs and baby's health is more important! Glad baby's moving now :-) I was still low movements untill about 26 weeks now he's low and high all the time he's really making up for lost time hehe. I'm 29 weeks now! 11 weeks to go hopefully feels like forever away tho I'm good tho. Got all the usual horrendous heartburn can't sleep any more sciatica and pain in my pelvis but I can't complain it could be worse. My daughters not been well last few days so sleep has been bad feeling it today. Wen is ur next scan ur lucky u get another one. Bet u can't wait only another 16 weeks for u can't believe we have come this far!! How's the bump growing? Kate xxx

MrFranklyShankly Thu 14-Mar-13 15:59:11

Hi again Kate, yeah I have to say I was a bit taken aback when they told me my bp was high, I suppose theres no real signs that it is high, and I think then after I told them about my headaches being quite bad for over a week, scared me a little.....but no wonder it was high really when I think how stressed out I've been with work the rest has def helped it come down....cant believe your now 29 weeks...its soo good to be notching up the weeks, and 11 left, it'll be great once you get into single figures! Yeah pregnancy isnt easy what with heartburn (i dont have it too bad this time touch wood!) and the sciatica & pelvis pain isnt nice at all, I have a touch of sciatica in the morning when I get out of bed, takes a while for me to be able to walk right....ohh theres no hiding my bump now to be fair, Its really noticeable! although I'm sure a lot of it isnt baby, and is just lack of exercise and eating!!! What about you, hows your bump coming along?? and I'm starting to waddle around like a penguin!!! So soon! but like that I'm not complaining as long as baba is okay......your poor DD, hope she's okay, its hard going when they're sick and your not pregnant, not getting your proper sleep and then trying to carry on the daily grind is hard...can you finish up work early? or will you be working up to near the end?

Well I'm really enjoying being at home this last while with the kids and just being able to take it easy....I'm back to the stress again on Tuesday but I'll def be taking it down a gear...

Glad all is good with you. chat to you soon.

Frankly xxx

katesav87 Thu 14-Mar-13 20:49:52

Bumps growing big to and he's moves all day everyday now. It's like one extreme to the next hehe. It's fine tho I can't complain. U take it easy wen u go back to work!! I've got 5 weeks left at work I'm determined to stay till then but it's been really busy recentely so it's getting harder plus I do some beauty treatments on the side of my main job so need to cut down on those so I can rest more. U just keep going tho don't u! Hope to hear from u soon
Kate x

katesav87 Mon 15-Apr-13 17:54:29

hey f how r u? well its my last week at work cant believe it dont know where the time has gone. 34 weeks today so in at least 8 weeks little man will be here :-) everyone thinks im going to be early but i keep telling myself i have 8 weeks left just incase i go 2 weeks over. He is a mover thats for sure always moving around and hurting me lol. How r u doing? Not long for you to. Hows your job i hope you have been taking it easy! look forward to hearing from u.

Kate xx

MrFranklyShankly Tue 16-Apr-13 15:54:30

Hey kate:-) good to hear from u...oh that must be sooo good finishing up work this week im sure ur well ready for it....imagine only 8 weeks left.. Hard to believe we've come such a way from the say you cant wait to meet ur little man;-) how are u keeping? Well i hve 11 weeks left from today...yeah i feel the same people telling me i will go early coz im quiet big but i dont want to get the hopes up and ive so much to get organised yet....and baby is lying transverse so really want him/her to turn before that....will be finishing up work in 2 weeks time myself... Feeling really tired now and my bp is acting up a need some time to dds r so excited now how about ur dd is she excited...still hvent got the hospital bag sorted so will start on that now soon...cant believe we're nearly there...will keep a closer eye on the thread now. Hope ur doin gd. Njoy that last week at work :-) Frankly xx

MrFranklyShankly Fri 10-May-13 12:07:11

Hey r you??? Not long to go now id say ur counting dwn the days???hope ur keeping 33 weeks now and am really finding it a struggle even walking around is hard my last scan they told me baba is measuring 3 weeks ahead of my dates eeeeek....anyway just wondering how ur keeping. F xx

katesav87 Fri 10-May-13 15:58:26

Hey f so sorry I didn't see u reply in April!! How r u? I'm really struggling! Am 37+4 now and wishing it away. I just can't imagine going into labour at all. Everynight I feel like I am and he's still in there in the morning haha. Been horrendously sick this week :-( bp is playing up to and had protein in my urine today so being monitored. I just want him here now. The anxiety is really kicking in incase something goes wrong. I have been so postive up until this week. Just had a bad week. Been keeping busy so haven't been bored on mat leave. Loving picking dd up from school and taking her. She is so excited. Bet ur dd's are to!!! Wow 3 weeks ahead ur gonna have a big baby :-) can't believe how fast it's gone for us from my post at 9 weeks. It's just crazy!! Hope ur bp is ok. Kate xx

MrFranklyShankly Fri 10-May-13 18:59:11

Awww not long now kate but i know exactly what you mean im a bit the same a bit anxious now coming near the end but hopefully u wont hve to wait much longer to meet ur little man...sorry to hear the bp is playing up it seems to happen in the last few weeks mine is raised a bit too so hopefully all will go smoothly....i know kate it seems like an age since u started this dds are so excited too its lovely...its great getting to pick up dds from school too im usually the only one not there at the gates... No missing me this weather!! Well stay in touch will be dying to know how ur getting on. Frankly xx

katesav87 Fri 10-May-13 19:41:43

Of course ill let u know once he has arrived fingers crossed not to long and u take care of urself and enjoy ur time off with ur dd's :-) xxx

samsmother Fri 10-May-13 23:06:30

This thread has been lovely to read :-) I'm not pregnant now (have a beautiful son already) but its been lovely to see the support given to each other through what's been a worrying time for you both. Good luck with the births of your babies, I'll be looking forward to your birth announcements!

katesav87 Wed 15-May-13 19:44:00

Hey f just wanted to let u know that our beautiful baby boy was born this morning weighing 8lb 9oz he is amazing and a big boy seeing he is 12 days early. Birth was so so quick. Waters broke this morning at 8:10 and I had him at 10:07 in the birthing pool at the hospital. :-) I am so happy he is finally here and he is absolutely perfect we r all at home already settled and so overwhelmed it happened so quick lol. Can't wait to hear wen ur bubs arrives and hope u r ok. Thank u samsmother for ur lovely words. We have been lucky to support each other through this journey :-) xxx

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