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Perineal massage?

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soandsosmum Tue 23-Oct-12 14:56:25

I did this with my first birth as part of my hypnobirthing practise for about 6 weeks before dd1 was born. although I tore (3rd degree) it was more because she had her hand on her face and I'd been pushing for ages. I was told I had very little bruising and healed well, which I've been told may have been because of the massage.

anyhow, that was 16 months ago, I'm now due in 6 weeks with dc2, started massage yesterday and it's SO painful! Even one finger is uncomfortable and any pressure is ouch ouch ouch.

Anyone else find this?
Will it get easier? (please say it will!)

mummy2benji Tue 23-Oct-12 18:10:09

I did perineal massage before giving birth with ds and had a second degree tear with him. I haven't done it this time round up until now, and I have left it a little late as I am 39+3 and passed my show at the weekend! It doesn't feel that uncomfortable, but a few weeks ago I was afraid it would, which is partly why I never got round to it. Everything has felt a bit tighter down there since having ds and I was worrying they'd stitched me up rather tight! Nonsense really as they just rejoin the tear and don't tighten it in any way. I think it is just the scar tissue that remains quite sensitive and feels tight. The fact that it was fairly comfortable for me to do massage earlier is possibly because everything down there softens when you get closer to labour - although we're not guaranteed not to tear at all, women are less likely to tear in subsequent pregnancies so the scar tissue can't be a problem. I would keep up with it just a couple of times a week and be gentle and I'm sure that will help.

soandsosmum Tue 23-Oct-12 21:18:43

Did it again tonight but did a relation exercise first - much better result. Going to aim for every night til it gets easy.

Thanks for your encouragement

Jergens Tue 23-Oct-12 22:54:31

I did it last time but required an episiotomy for forceps - no additional tears though. Am doing massage again this time. I've noticed a definite softening and stretching pretty quickly as it felt tight the first couple if times.
Good luck!

Walnut8 Wed 24-Oct-12 05:43:58

Is it supposed to help the second time around? I was under the impression that it was really only useful for the first time!! That said, I did it the first time and managed a 2 degree tear so I'm a bit dubious anyway.

Jergens Wed 24-Oct-12 22:19:41

Walnut, it is recommended for subsequent pregnancies as well. Hard to know if it makes a difference but I'd rather not take the chance!

soandsosmum Thu 25-Oct-12 22:08:03

I'm seeing the specialist physio whom I saw after my tear (currently re PGP) and she's doing a masters on perineal trauma and said it definitely is worth doing for no 2.

Tbh the about Ive stretched even doing it 4x this week makes me feel more confident and hopeful about not tearing this time

MightBeMad Thu 25-Oct-12 22:32:30

I've been told to do it for sore/tight scar tissue post epi and 2nd degree tears and I'm not even pregnant with DC2 yet. Apparently it does help (and it seems to be working here) blush though I am paranoid about tearing badly if there is a 'next time' because of the scar tissue from the first time.

Walnut8 Sat 27-Oct-12 07:18:12

Thanks for the info! Is scar tissue more likely to tear again?? Yikes. Okay, had best get out the sweet almond oil ... when do you do it again? I'm about 34 weeks..

Flisspaps Sat 27-Oct-12 08:33:25

You are no more likely to tear with a subsequent baby, but generally if you do, it's the same or worse.

Conanchensee Sat 27-Oct-12 19:53:03

I had bad tearing with my first, couldn't get out of bed for 3 weeks and then had bad an infection until 12 weeks. So, I was paranoid about tearing with no. 2 (in the 2nd stage all I remember is begging the midwife to make sure I didn't tear!). Anyway, I delivered an 11lb baby (first was7lb ) with no tearing at all, I'd put it down to perineal massage from about 37 weeks, it's gross doing it and tricky but I'll def be doing it again with no. 3. I was always unsure if I was doing it right but I think anything is going to be a help down there-unless you've been told not to. good luck!

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