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Disneyland Paris at 10 weeks...

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curiousgeorgie Tue 23-Oct-12 10:19:49

I'm being taken to Disneyland Paris for my 30th birthday in a few weeks when I'll be 10 weeks pregnant.

I've had quite a few miscarriages so only my DH knows I'm pregnant and really really don't want anyone else to know.

I'm going with 12 other people... All of whom are close friends & relatives and will jump to pregnant if I refuse alcohol at dinner and don't go on rides for 5 days.

I'm thinking I can go on baby rides with my DD? (2) and avoid others by saying I want to wait with DD...

Any good excuses for not drinking or any tips would be very appreciated!

Pleasenomorepeppa Tue 23-Oct-12 11:03:41

This happened to me! I was 6wks with DC2 when we went in May for DDs Birthday.
I went on all the rides except the really big ones. Space Mountain etc. I said that I'd had a bad back & that DD didn't understand why she was being left out.
As for the drinking, DH & I swapped glasses after I'd had a sip or I said I'd taken paracetamol for back ache!
I love Disneyland. Have fun grin.

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