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Lower back pain & sciatica :(

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phoenixrose314 Tue 23-Oct-12 06:48:23

Have woken up this morning with ridiculously painful sciatica on my left side, and my lower back is spasming like crazy. I can hardly move and in total agony.

This is especially bad because I am a nursery teacher (lots of tiny chairs and sitting on floors and picking up children) and my boss has been less than impressed with my pregnancy so far, being snide about me taking time for midwife appointments and scans, and generally ignoring my worries when children have thrown heavy objects at me or run headfirst into my stomach. I have to call her in 15 minutes and I am dreading it sad

Anyway, what I wanted to ask is if anyone else had the same problems during pregnancy (I am 20 weeks today!) and what exercises they did to help improve back strength? I have always had a weak back, but it's never been as bad as this before and I can't afford for it to keep happening. Also, what medication is safe to take? Usually I alternate between paracetemol and ibuprofen but I know that won't be safe.... Please help!!

miarosemum Tue 23-Oct-12 07:40:55

I have the same, sciatica in my right buttock running down back if right leg, am 16 weeks now and started suffering with it 4 weeks ago, you can take paracetamol but not ibuprofen. I got prescribed co-dydramol by gp as well when pain is really bad especially at night. Waiting to be referred to nhs physio but in meantime have had 2 osteopath sessions which have helped a lot. Costs approx £30 a session once a week but if you can go I would highly recommend.

phoenixrose314 Tue 23-Oct-12 13:21:57

Thanks, will try. Just can't take any more time off of work.

rrreow Tue 23-Oct-12 13:46:15

Google back exercises that are safe in pregnancy. I did about 10 minutes of exercises twice a day during my first pregnancy (2nd now but too early for it to have affected my back yet) which helped a lot with similar pain as you describe.

Also make an appointment with your GP to discuss medication. Anything apart from paracetamol will say it's not safe in pregnancy, but sometimes in consultation with your GP you can make an informed decision about other drugs (e.g. I took some co-codamol in consultation with my GP on about 1 or 2 occasions when the pain was unbearable).

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