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How reliable are dating scans?

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cookiewuk Mon 22-Oct-12 20:04:28

I had my dating scan today believing I was nearly 14 wks only to be told Im about 9.5. I am probably over reacting but i feel pretty devastated as i was so sure i was further on. Now i feel like my family and ds family think Im an idiot for not knowing as its a whole months difference! A friend of mine had an early scan and was then moved on a wk at her 2nd dating scan. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience? Feeling pretty miserable right now sad

mummy2benji Mon 22-Oct-12 20:28:53

They are most accurate when they are done around 12 weeks and vary by a few days, rarely more than that. It sounds like your body missed a period the month before you fell pregnant, if you'd calculated your dates as being so different. I can imagine that would be a bit of a shock and also a disappointment when you thought you were further along. Did they see a heartbeat though, and otherwise the scan looked okay? Try to focus on that and ignore what any relatives might think - it's perfectly reasonable to get your dates wrong by a month if you'd missed a period. Yours is a better scenario than mine was last pregnancy when I went for my scan only to discover that baby had died. If baby was well and had a heartbeat then try to concentrate on that and you'll start to feel excited again soon I'm sure.

Paradisefound Mon 22-Oct-12 20:35:52

I had an early scan at 7 weeks as I was very sick. At that point I thought I was 11-12 weeks .. So it was a bit of a shock to hear I was only 7 weeks. I felt a bit stupid .. For a week or two!

cookiewuk Mon 22-Oct-12 21:25:10

Thank you for your replies. I did see a heartbeat and was told everything looks good and I am truly thankful for that! I feel even worse now thinking how bad it could of been and what other people go through. I will try to buck myself up and concentrate on the positives. I guess i was just hoping that the scan was somehow wrong.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 22-Oct-12 21:29:29

When did you first get a positive pregnancy test?

cookiewuk Mon 22-Oct-12 21:33:55

I didnt test until august 19th as we had been trying for nearly 18 months and i didnt want to get my hopes up only to be disappointed as i had in the past.

Worley Mon 22-Oct-12 21:35:08

this happens a lot! lots of ladies are further or not as far as they thought. scans have a five day accuracy and we can give an edd from 9 weeks anyway..

coronalover Mon 22-Oct-12 21:36:50

Ah, don't be miserable, here have some [flowers]


coronalover Mon 22-Oct-12 21:37:21

I obviously meant thanks !!!

HowToChangeThis Mon 22-Oct-12 21:37:47

If you look at the scale on the graph you'll see that the margin to move the dates is relatively big. The scans are really accurate at that point, to within a few days. A 14 week foetus looks incredibly different to a 10 week on. Have a look at some foetal development timelines with the pictures and compare it to your scan.

I didn't want to agree my current dates but look carefully at the graph, even if the baby is 9th rather than 50th centile, like my first, it moves the date by 2 days.

cookiewuk Mon 22-Oct-12 21:50:19

The lady wouldn't give me an edd as she said it wouldn't be accurate enough sad
Is the graph in the maternity notes? The midwife kept mine at the booking appointment and I won't get them back until my next scan.
Another thing that concerned me was that I was due to see the consultant this wk as I had severe pre-eclampsia last time but now that has been put back until Nov 22nd as it had to be after the dating scan (now Nov 9th). It seems such a long time to wait but she is going on holiday.
Am I just having a bad day and getting worked up over nothing?
Thank you all for the support btw smile

weeblueberry Tue 23-Oct-12 11:12:32

I can understand you must be disappointed - I admit I think I would have been too.

But I think, as HowToChangeThis mentioned, the foetus looks so differently at these stages. I had a private 9 week scan and it looked like a bean. Then I had an emergency 11 week scan on Sunday and it was far more 'formed' with little legs and arms etc. Very very different.

cookiewuk Tue 23-Oct-12 12:38:47

The baby looked much more formed than a bean and we clearly saw wriggling, hand waving and foot movement. My ds however compared baby to Rayman as the hands and feet didnt look attached to the body! Think i will be spending all my time scouring ultrasound photos now!

Worley Wed 24-Oct-12 22:48:00

if they didn't give you an EDD then you won't have a growth chart started yet for the fetuses growth.
don't worry about the consultant appointment. even if uou do t get to see the cinsultant there will be registras still there to see you. how far were you when you had pre eclampsia before?

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