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Thrush/mild cystitis-y symptoms at 34 weeks?

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DangerMousey Mon 22-Oct-12 18:18:59

A little bit TMI, but I feel a little bit itchy/hot/thrushy in the fanoir department, and it feels a teensy bit burny when I pee. NB I had recurring cystitis about 10 years ago, and it was agony: proper pissing razors/bite on a towel territory. This is nothing like that - more like just a little niggle. ie. Feeling like I need to pee again 2 minutes after I have just been to the loo.

Is it common to get thrush and/or cystitis style symptoms at 34 weeks pregnant? Can I use normal over-the-counter remedies (ie pessary for thrush)?

Or could these symptoms not be cystitis/thrush at all, but rather just another glamorous third trimester symptom??

I have my 34 week MW appointment tomorrow, so will double check with her, but wondered what the collective wisdom of MN had to say first! Also, does anyone know whether a MW will be able to advise on this, or will I need to make a separate appointment with the GP?


philbee Mon 22-Oct-12 20:10:54

Either are very common when pg I believe. You can use thrush cream and the over the counter pessary as long as you put it in using your finger and not the applicator (apparently using the applicator can damage your cervix). If it's a UTI they'll want to give you antibiotics, I don't think there's anything that's safe over the counter.

Having said all that, I have fairly sore and intermittently itchy fanjo and it's neither of those things, it's a mystery unknown thing which the GP is puzzled by. Not much help, sorry. They can dip test then and there for UTI, and if it's thrush you might also have discharge.

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