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Starting to think I have worms rather than a baby in there..

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weeblueberry Mon 22-Oct-12 13:00:36

So while I've not exactly been eating like a horse since I POAS, I have given up WW and have been eating pizza, biscuits, cake etc. And haven't gained a pound. I know it sounds nuts but I'm a bit worried about this... I've had morning sickness but not actually been sick, so not lost weight through that. Am I mad to be getting worried about this or should I just accept it and enjoy? smile

ladymia Mon 22-Oct-12 13:27:43

I did WW before to be a healthy BMI for getting pregnant and lost 40lb.

I am 19 weeks at the moment and have gained 14lb.

I was worried in the 12 first weeks about my lack of weight gain, I never had MS but was eating a lot of carbs because I had a lot of food aversions.

How many weeks are you now?

I only started gaining in week 8 up until then i was losing.

weeks 1-12 I only gained 1lb

THEN things started going the other way ;)

weeblueberry Mon 22-Oct-12 13:47:43

Haha thats also worrying me - that one day I'll wake up and the pizza and biscuits will have caught up with me ;)

I'm 11+3 today. I lost about 6.5 stone with WW (to make it easier to conceive - like yourself smile) so did learn a lot of good habits. Which appear to have vanished lol.

ladymia Mon 22-Oct-12 14:11:36

I thought I had learned some good habits too! Truth is though your attitude to food and specifically your tastes change completely!

By 11 weeks I had lost 0.5lb! smile

If you have lost the weight before and you have done really well losing that much! Then you will do it again after.

I am starting to make healthier choices now again, swopping yogurts for chocolate bars and ryvita with phili instead of crisps and feeling better now. Problem is though not only are you pregnant but you are also coming off a diet you have been on for so long so it's tough to make good choices when you are not tracking.

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