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NewMrsH Mon 22-Oct-12 12:22:38


I'm 17+4 (scan in 2 weeks) and last night had a few drops of fluid leaked whilst I was undressing?? It didn't look like wee but I felt it come out like you would urine! Also this morning my morning sickness has gone for the first time yet?
Hoping its just a coincidence and it wasn't amniotic fluid?
Anyone else had this?


BuntyCollocks Mon 22-Oct-12 12:53:00

Probably just discharge - things get juicier in pregnancy!

Elsqueak Mon 22-Oct-12 13:04:45

I had this early on too. Thought I was leaking pee on two occasions. Thought 'great, it's incontinent time'.
Not sure what it was (didn't have the pee aroma!) but I never had it again.
You're body's going to do so many strange things over the course of pregnancy you kind of get used to it!
Of course if it's painful or uncomfortable in any way best to ask MW. See how it goes.

combinearvester Mon 22-Oct-12 14:05:59

MrsH I don't know if this is any consolation to you but I did lose all my amniotic fluid at a similar gestation to you are now - it was quite obvious that it wasn't wee, it soaked through my jeans and left a patch on the sofa, then later there was another gush which was pink-tinged.

What you describe doesn't sound like my experience but of course if you are worried contact your midwife, some early pregnancy units will also see you up to 18 weeks.

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