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Holiday in the first trimester - advice please :-)

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princesschick Mon 22-Oct-12 12:12:13


I'm 7 + 1 today and have the full house of preggo symptoms. We've been trying for a long time, so I'm actually really glad of my symptoms. However, a few months ago we decided to book ourselves a holiday to catch some winter sun and as something to look forward to in our blue months of unsuccessful TTC. I will be 10 weeks when we go away and I'm sort of dreading it a little bit because I'm so, so, so, so worried about the following:

a) food poisoning - ok, I've been on loads and loads of holidays and have never caught anything before but I'm terrified about catching a bug whilst away and pregnant - I believe this is commonly known as the law of sod. I'm usually a very adventurous eater and love love love seafood. We're going to Fuerteventura, staying 5* and only have breakfast included in our package. So I'm not worried about recycled all you can eat all inclusive buffets or anything like that. They have several restaurants there, including a Michelin star restaurant, so I would hope that we are at least safe to eat at the hotel if all else fails. We like small local places and trying all sorts and I don't want to be eating 'chicken and chips' every night but likewise I don't think I'll be able to cope with big platters of seafood (fear of getting the runs / vomiting). My tastes for food have somewhat changed so far, I can't even take the smell of onions without wanting to hurl. And it really does depend upon how something smells when it's in front of me. I am actually dreading turning food away. Do I tell places that I'm pregnant to make sure they are extra careful? Finally, is there a pregnancy friendly diarrhea / sickness medicine?

b) traveling with a nervous flyer - DH is a crap flyer and won't let me sleep when we travel. I need sleep all the time at the moment. Any tips on how to knock him out for 4 and a half hours?! grin

c) puking the whole way over there on the plane? I was clinging to my bed yesterday as if stuck on a ferry in a force 10 gale. It was really unpleasant. I puked for the first time this morning. I feel really weak and pathetic! I am NEVER weak and pathetic and I'm a bit disappointed with my body for turning me into a weak and pathetic wreck (whist happy that my body is clearly doing pregnancy things) But this is making me nervous about traveling, with a nervous traveler to boot. Any tips for relieving sickness?

d) do I need to stay out of the sun or can I do a moderate amount of sun bathing (obviously with sun cream!) - it won't be hot hot hot but I don't know if the rules about being in the sun are different when pregnant.

e) what to pack. I'm out of one pair of skinny jeans already blush I have lots of nice summer clothes bought for a hols in August, which are all on the small side. I think I may expand over the next couple of weeks - what do I buy? Where do I buy from? Any tips for an ever expanding waist? I don't want to spend a fortune as I think maternity winter clothes will be more of a priority after hols. Tis a disaster on the wardrobe front!!!!

f) being munched by bugs. Any good pregnancy friendly no deet bug sprays that anyone is aware of?

g) Something going wrong. I don't think we're covered by the E111 in the Canaries as they are outside the EU. Do I need to tell my insurance company in case anything goes wrong? I've had two MCs before (both 6 weeks - so fingers crossed this will be ok) and I'm terrified of any bleeding, complications whilst I'm there and no-one to go to. Maybe the hotel would be better to ask?

g) any other pregnancy traveling tips?

Whilst I'm dreading parts, I'm totally looking forward to time away with DH, resting for 10 days, catching some sun, reflecting on a weird and quite traumatic year and our potentially last holiday sans baby.

Thanks in advance, sorry for the essay, I just knew all you MNers would have some brill tips smile thanks

Paradisefound Mon 22-Oct-12 12:44:00

Make sure you are insured and that your pregnancy is covered by the insurance. Declare any exsisting or past medical conditions. We had to cancel our holiday ( was due to go at 9 weeks) as I had hyperemesis. Luckily our insurance paid out in full.
I'm sure you will be fine.

minipie Mon 22-Oct-12 12:48:33

Hi princess and many, many congratulations grin so pleased for you and really hope this one sticks.

I haven't done exactly the same as you but went to the Canaries about the same time of year pre-pregnancy and was in the tropics when I got my BFP so may be able to give some thoughts!

a) Food poisoning - I would not necessarily write off seafood, I think the most important thing is to choose menu items which have been fully and freshly cooked. I have eaten freshly cooked mussels and crab plenty of times during pregnancy (in trusted places). But as you say it all depends on if you can face it anyway.

If you can only stomach blander foods, that sucks a bit on hols but just go with it and have what you fancy. If that means asking the restaurant to cook you some plain rice or pasta then so be it - no point forcing down fancy meals you're not enjoying. I found my nausea was worst in the evening, so we tried to have bigger more interesting lunches instead. Might that work for you?

If the worst happens and you do get a dodgy tummy, I wouldn't use immodium or anything similar as it will block you up - let your body get it all out and just keep hydrated.

b) suggest you get a seat away from DH grin. Or feed him a large G&T... Honestly, his nervousness will just have to be his problem on this flight.

c) Try to make sure you have enough snacks and water with you on and before the flight. Nibbling something bland can stave off nausea but it works best if you eat before you start to feel sick. Maybe ask for a seat near the loo...? (though the smell could set you off so maybe not).

d) I've been sunbathing plenty while pregnant. Just don't absolutely boil yourself (Canaries won't be that hot anyway IME, more like spring temperatures). You might find your skin reacts patchily to the sun while you are preg, if so then you may want to cover up more just to avoid any patchiness. But it's not dangerous.

e) I think dresses are the way forward in the early/middle stages of pregnancy, ideally empire line ones (they will work post pregnancy too). If you're bloated you won't want a waistband digging in. For maternity wear, H&M, Topshop, Gap, Asos, Dorothy Perkins are worth a look.

f) Honestly, I doubt it will be hot enough for bugs, and the wind will keep the bugs away anyway. But I think Boots does a non Deet spray.

g) I told my insurers I was pg before travelling and they basically laughed and said I didn't need to tell them. But your insurer may be different.

Ellypoo Mon 22-Oct-12 12:51:45

Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

Yes, I would let your insurance company know, just to be on the safe side.

Re sunbathing - I think a little bit is ok (vit D is v good for you & baby too), I was quite sensitive to sun & heat though when I was pg so you might find that you don't want to be out too much anyway.

Not sure about bug sprays - can you ask MW or GP? or pharmacist - most say on the label.

Re sleeping on plane - can DH have a couple of pints at the airport to calm his nerves!!?? Do you have a kindle/ipad type thing so he can be distracted by reading/watching a film/playing games?

Clothes: you may be able to pick up some cheap clothes in a bigger size in the sales/from Primark just to keep you going for the holiday? I live in a bikini/shorts/vests on holiday or loose dresses, so can expand to fit an expanding waistline - do you have anything like that that might fit you for a few more weeks?

Re food - sounds like there will be plenty of decent choices where you are going - I'd avoid seafood anyway, but I totally go off it when pregnant because I get scared that they haven't been cooked properly etc! I guess aim for places that look clean, and avoid ice in drinks etc. The most important thing if you do end up getting poorly though, is to ensure that you keep getting plenty of fluids down you - if you tell your insurance company, then you should be covered if you need to speak to a doc when you are there anyway.

The most important thing is to enjoy your holiday & try to relax!!!!

panicnotanymore Mon 22-Oct-12 13:14:04

On a practical note ask for sick bags on the plane when you first sit down. They used to have them in the magazine net, but I haven't seen them for ages.

EMS23 Mon 22-Oct-12 13:28:34

The Canary Islands are part of Spain, therefore within the EU for the purposes of your EHIC (E111).

princesschick Mon 22-Oct-12 14:24:40

Ah, ladies, your advice as always is invaluable! Thank you all so, so much.

Minipie I think you are right about 'nicer' lunches and 'plainer' dinners. I guess I'll just have to see where I get to. I'll be packing loads and loads and loads of snacks to take away in my handbag and suitcase (hula hoop treats as it's holiday - as I'm usually an organic 'good' girl on the food front. I will of course be taking raw fruit bars, nuts, dried fruit etc etc). Plus this time I'll also be taking my own tea bags (organic peppermint and ginger - oh my I've got to that time of life where you pack your own foods and teabags!!!!!) Also, nice to see you, I'm sure you were on a thread I was on up until recently when I first joined smile

Elly I do have some older sun dresses from times gone by and these should be fine. I'd forgotten about those as I treated myself to a whole new beautiful summer wardrobe this year. It's all a bit of disarray as we moved house last month - some stuff in the new house, which is being renovated and some stuff at PiLs where we are currently living. I have 6 suitcases of clothes, but only 2 with stuff that I'm actually wearing, so I've kinda forgotten what I actually own. I think I will probably invest in a couple of cheapo pairs of skinny maternity jeans as it's just my belly that's fatter (where I normally put on weight if I'm not careful) and I may treat myself to a few loose dresses from the sales if I need them. Great tip on the iPad and kindle. He can have both of mine and the special battery charger to elongate the battery so he can watch boy films whilst I sleep. It's a fine balance with the booze, just enough and he's placated, too much and he goes into panic / instant death mode. Neither of which I can really be dealing with alongside the nausea and tiredness at the moment!!!

Thanks EMS23, I thought it was slightly different in the Canaries - i.e. you don't have the same duty allowances as you do in the rest of Europe (I've seen people on the TV programme Border Control caught out on this many times - yep total saddo for watching those kinda programmes!!) and I've had a quick google and you are totally right. thanks They are however out of the EU VAT Area - now everyone has learnt something today wink

I've phoned my insurance company and they are happy providing I'm fit and well to travel, which apart from nausea, I am. So it looks like there's just a bit of shopping to do now. And relax smile

Thanks again to you all thanks

milkyjo Mon 22-Oct-12 14:38:08

Just to add to the responses regarding food poisoning. Take some dioralyte sachets with you to rehydrate you should you need it for food poisoning or indeed if you are being sick a lot from the pregnancy. They won't take up a lot of room or weight in your suitcase and completely safe in pregnancy. They will replace your salts and sugars (electrolytes) in your body and better than just trying to rehydrate with water. You mix them with water, they taste horrible but worth it.

princesschick Mon 22-Oct-12 14:48:26

Thanks milky my mum always has those but I wasn't sure if they were safe or not. I'll stock up before we go. Great, thank you x

pinkpaperpiggy Mon 22-Oct-12 14:58:44

Hi princess, I went on holidays to Cyprus the week after I found out I was expecting my first child.

The main difference I noticed was that the mosquitos couldn't get enough of me! Before that DH was always the one they attacked but on that holiday I got bitten a lot so see if you can find a pregnancy safe repellant.

Also it was very hot while we were there and I found I got tired much easier so I took to having a siesta most days.

Unfortunately my morning sickness (which turned into hyperemesis) kicked in while we were away but I do love looking at those photos knowing that life was about to change so much for us.

Congratulations and best of luck.

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