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High blood pressure at 9 weeks - now what?

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Filiboom Mon 22-Oct-12 11:35:59

Hi there. I'm 9 weeks pregnant and at my booking in yesterday, my BP was 146/94. I've been referred to the blood pressure clinic at the hospital tomorrow, but my mind is going into overdrive as to what this could mean for the baby....

This is my second pregnancy and my BP at the start of the first was about 115/70, but rose to about where it is now at 36 weeks last time. I was monitored and induced at term and ds was really quite little. He's now a good size and a very jolly 13 month old. My BP returned to normal quite quickly after his birth and I was really hoping that I wouldn't have any problems this time - I certainly didn't expect them to start so early. I'm now really worried that I'm going to have to spend much of this pregancy going backwards and forwards to the hospital (which will be fun with a toddler...) and, even more, that it's not doing the baby any good.

Does anyone have any experience of this and, even better, any reassuring words?! Also, is there anything I should be asking at my appointment tomorrow? Last time I felt that things just happened to me and I wasn't really in control (not a complaint - ds was born healthy and I recovered well) and this time I would quite like to know what is going on.

Thanks very much in advance!

Nibblonian Mon 22-Oct-12 17:48:41

That must be very worrying, particularly as you've been through this before albeit a lot later on!

I'm having similar problems. I'm 14+3 and at my booking appointment, BP was great at 110/62. At 12 weeks it was 145/93 to begin with and today initially 143/94. I find the electronic ones give a very 'lively' response on me so now ask that it's done manually afterwards which seems to help - today it dropped to 130/80 which they couldn't care less about! I'd prefer it lower obviously.

I find that clinicians seem to want to take your BP as soon as you get into the room, which of course is when it can be at its highest during the appointment, particularly if you've been rushing about. Now I've started to ask for mine to be taken after a few minutes being sat down and check it manually if it's showing as high because I don't want to end up being diagnosed as hypertensive unless I actually am. Mostly because I don't want to let go of my homebirth plan!

How is yours done? If they're just taking one, electronic reading early on in an appointment I'd ask for it to be checked again, several times if necessary.

Filiboom Mon 22-Oct-12 23:10:46

Thanks very much for replying and I hope your bp settles down and you are able to get your home birth.

I've only had my bp taken once so far in this pregnancy by a very nice midwife at a home appointment. Ironically, we'd just been talking about how high bp in one pregnancy doesn't necessarily mean same again second time round - so I suppose it was on my mind! She took it manually once halfway through and again at the end of the appointment. I'll bear your advice in mind for tomorrow.

Have you been given any medication or are you just being monitored frequently? Thanks again.

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