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Anterior placenta advice

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18wksplus Mon 22-Oct-12 01:47:37

I have an anterior placenta and haven't been feeling a lot of movement yet (am 22wks with #2). Not massively worried about this, since I realise it can take longer to feel regular movements with an AP.

However I've seen a thread here with a woman with an AP at 25wks who was advised to go get checked out due to a lack of movements, which has made me question when I should start being aware/concerned.

Any advice? Thanks.

twolittlebundles Mon 22-Oct-12 02:07:19

22-23 weeks with #2 you might start feeling movements- personally I would check with mw at 24 weeks if I'd not felt anything, or earlier if it was worrying me.

No movements at 22 weeks with AP sounds pretty normal to me, but I can imagine you are wanting to feel something soon!

wellieboots Mon 22-Oct-12 02:09:47

I have an AP, and took ages to feel anything more than flutterings. It was definitely after 26 weeks that movement became regular, and my 26 week appointment was the first time they were concerned about it. Having said that, the most important thing is that if you are worried, you get checked out. That is what the hospital are there for and they wont think you are wasting their time.

take care

18wksplus Mon 22-Oct-12 02:26:01

Thanks. Nobody's mentioned anything about it - I only know where my placenta is because I specifically asked out of interest (not sure if they think that because I'm a second time mum I need less hand-holding..) but I'll bring it up. I found the whole movement monitoring thing pretty stressful with #1, so am not really looking forward to it, particularly with the whole AP thing..

HappyAsASandboy Mon 22-Oct-12 05:51:48

I had an anterior placenta with twin pregnancy. I first felt fluttering a at about 22 weeks, but no definite movements until about 26 weeks - an there were two in there!

It is a shame you found monitoring movements stressful. I wasn't particularly told to 'monitor' movements, just to contact the midwife if I didn't feel anything for a long while once I was feeling regular movements or if a regular pattern of movements changed significantly or stopped.

I am not a medic, and I don't know what the latest advice about monitoring is, but I would try to relax about monitoring. Once you get regular movements, just take a moment each evening to think about whether you've felt much that day. If you haven't or can't remember, make a point of monitoring movements for a few hours and contact the midwife if you don't feel anything.

rogersmellyonthetelly Mon 22-Oct-12 06:45:13

Ap here, third baby. I've been feeling definate movements for a few weeks, but only a couple of times a day. This week though (23 weeks) she has really kicked off big style and I'm now noticing movements even when I'm busy as opposed to when I'm lying around waiting for it iyswim. It did worry me a lot as both previous babies have been very active from about 18 weeks

Kelerina Mon 22-Oct-12 08:16:39

Hi 18wksplus I am just behind you at 21 weeks with an anterior placenta, the sonographer told me I had one at my 20 week scan. He said that it was the best position for the placenta to be in, not exactly sure why he thinks that though!

I asked him if that meant I would feel less movement for a while then and he said yes but only for a few more weeks then I should be getting kicked liked everyone else! Maybe because baby will be bigger/stronger in a couple of weeks?

As time goes on I am feeling a bit more but is quite often difficult to know for sure whether it's baby or my lunch! I tend to feel the most when I am sat quietly, if I am busy I don't notice anything. So either sitting still at my computer at work or more usually in the early evening when i'm sat on the sofa.

Last night I thought I felt two quite big movements, like kicks, BUT I am not sure whether this was real or a dream!!! Could well have been a dream!! hmmmmm

DP has not felt anything yet and I don't really see that happening for a good while yet

LifesAHappySong Mon 22-Oct-12 08:45:44

I'm pregnant with #2 with an anterior placenta and couldn't really feel any 'proper' movements (just flutterings) until 23ish weeks even though I felt the baby much earlier with my first - 25 weeks now and suddenly the movements have got much more obvious and can be seen/ felt from the outside, I think the baby just has to get big/ strong enough to be felt despite the placenta. But as everyone else has said do get checked out if you're at all worried they'd much rather you called.

18wksplus Mon 22-Oct-12 13:37:40

Great advice here - am definitely feeling things when I sit still for a while (not that that happens much with a toddler...), but I just assumed I'd be feeling proper big movements by now with #2.. And good to know that the movements will be the 'same' as posterior pregnancies after a while.

Happy - love your advice about just concentrating on it in the evening. That seems like a really sensible thing to do.

YokoOhNo Mon 22-Oct-12 14:01:25

Dont worry too much. I had AP with DS and now again in my second pregnancy. I'm 21 weeks now and like someone else said, I can't feel kicks, but I can feel flutterings, which may or may not be my lunch, but I think is baby. I didn't feel much until 23 weeks last time, but by 40 weeks, DS was kick boxing me from within. AP is just a big cushion which absorbs a lot of the impact of movements when the babies are this tiny

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