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pain along right side? ideas

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3rdbump Sun 21-Oct-12 14:12:16

Last night i woke with an awful pain along the right hand side going from the side of my breast (not the breast itself a bit more to the side towards my back) round under the breast and down the side to the top level of my bump. Am 30 + 5 wks pregnant with 3rd baby. I have had it on and off but last night it was at its worst. Any idea what it could be?
Also am i best seeing Doctor or midwife tomorrow??

Does it feel like its in your bump or in your ribs?

When baby gets its feet up under my ribs its agony. But then I also get a pain on the right my bump which feels stretchy.

Both the MW said were normal.

If you still have it today call your MW!

3rdbump Sun 21-Oct-12 14:16:50

It sorta goes round into my mid back..........dont think its bump

Yeah, it sounds like rib pain. You have my sympathies! I got it one night along with Braxton hicks for over two hours!

Try standing up and walking about to see if that encourages baby to move down a bit!

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