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overdue...tell me am not the only one!

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AnneH656 Sat 20-Oct-12 07:56:50

So after being told I would be early for most of my pregnancy and a month of expecting a csection due to footling breach, I am officially overdue. 40 + 1 today and waiting for normal spontaneous labour.

Don't get me wrong I don't mind too much him cooking longer- in fact i know i have been really lucky. it's more the anticipation of birth. This is dc2. I was crap at labour last time. Three days with two of those at ten centimetres. It. Was. Hell. Great outcome with dd but fucking hell it was awful.

What has made it worse is so far everyone I know expecting has been early so far. Four babies now arrived while I wait.


We have tried the usual. Yesterday was particular disaster. My madras takeaway was bhuna level and as for the sex.... My mum called halfway through. We tried to ignore it but I had the CanCan as a ringtone. Once I noticed do was thrusting to the same rhythm it was all over for me........

mummy2benji Sat 20-Oct-12 08:23:44

Sorry... I probably shouldn't be laughing at that... ;) Come and join 'Last week or 2 of pregnancy' thread - people to empathise with who are contemplating inductions, trying to persuade baby to come out, happy birth stories too. I'm not actually overdue myself yet - 39 weeks - but had a sweep yesterday from kind midwife as hubby has major major exam 12 days after baby due... eek... so need her OUT! Stabbing pains down below last night and some painful tightenings which seem to have all eased off this morning sad Hope to see you on other thread! x

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