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Help needed please sorry if a bit gross…

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Natnat29 Fri 19-Oct-12 10:28:37

I woke up twice in the night choking on sick and shit scared! This happened a few weeks ago but not as bad as this.

I know its probably acid reflux so will do the usual things – my own fault night I had garlic bread and fizzy drinks not a good combo. Is this common in pregnancy?
I’m sleeping on my left side with one of those special bumps pillows but that doesn’t seem to help
Any advice please lovely ladies as even after eating i can still feel sick in my throat and want to avoid this happening again?!

glendathegoodwitch Fri 19-Oct-12 11:07:02

How many weeks are you? I'm 36+6 and have acid reflux outside of pregnancy so am on medication for this, however I've woken up a few times exactly how you describe - with sick in my mouth ick!!!!

I don't have indigestion because the medication stops it but I think acos everything is pushed up there's not as far for the contents to come back up IYKWIM???

If I've eaten spicy food or anything that I think will trigger it (like nachos last night) I sleep with an extra one or two pillows to sit me up a bit which works and a glass of milk before bed!!!

Hope this helps chick - mention to your midwife next time you see her

Natnat29 Fri 19-Oct-12 11:11:15

Thank you
I’m 25 weeks+2 - what medication did they give you might try and get some?
its just horrible isnt it.
The Joys of pregnancy….but it will be worth it in the end smile

OneOfMyTurnsComingOn Fri 19-Oct-12 11:14:02

I don't practise what I preach, but...

Try and eat little and often. Avoid fatty, spicy, or strong flavoured foods. Avoid caffeine and fizzy drinks. Take Gaviscon on Rennies. Try not to eat a couple of hours before bed. Drink plenty of water. Don't lay down after eating. Prop yourself up in bed with extra pillows.

I did the opposite to all this, and my heartburn has been horrendous!

emzypoo Fri 19-Oct-12 12:07:31

I have had this too in particular after drinking cola I try not to drink fizzy drinks in the evenings now and keep a bottle of gaviscon by my bed. I also have one of the long body length pregnancy pillows which I make into a v shape and sleep slightly proped up and that's really helped x

panicnotanymore Fri 19-Oct-12 14:54:01

Oh you poor thing - I've had this my whole life, it's acid reflux and ime is made much much worse by rennies so avoid those. They soothe the problem temporarily and then you wake up several hours later with half a lung full of chalky sick, which isn't funny.

Things I do:

Sleep propped up - 2 pillows to keep head well above stomach
Cool room and minimal covers. Getting warm make me sick
Avoid acid foods such as tomato sauces and fruit in the evening, and eat your main protein meal at lunch
Cook veg until soft - al dente veg and salads are hard to digest
Avoid onion, leeks, peppers, and cucumbers
Avoid crispy edges on eggs. Omelettes and fried eggs are hard to digest, scrambled and poached are easier
Plain yoghurt is brilliant
Don't eat or drink much before lying down, and if you feel a bit acidy in the night try some water before reaching for an indigestion remedy. Your body will adjust and produce more and more acid to counter act those in the long run.

Your doctor can prescribe meds to reduce stomach acid production, just ask if you feel you need this.

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