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olympicvibes Thu 18-Oct-12 22:32:50

Hi I'm on my first pregnancy and I'm not having a great time really. I'm 16 weeks and from 7 wks I've been in and out of docs and hospital with bleeding and/or terrible cramps. First scan at 7 wks found a large blood clot under the yolk sac and I was given a 50% chance of mc. Got to 12 weeks with another few scares of bleeding. After most recent scare last week, was told at hosp. the baby is fine, growing well and I'm now counting down to 20 week scan. I am off work now with bad stomach cramps and period like cramps feeling beaten up! Doctor said this may be because the blood clot has changed shape and loaction to the side of the baby and may be leaving body-good news. The bleeding isn't too worrying but the awful stomach cramps are mystifying the GP for now.

I've had to and want to stay positive but this week hit a dip and I just want to know if anyone else has had experience of this? I would really like to feel that glowing feeling that I keep reading about but I'm on bed rest, have also had a constant bad headache and rhinitis since found out and now stomach cramps and shattered.
Doctors say keep fingers crossed and try not to worry. Does anyone have practical advice to help with the worrying? I am also fighting this feeling that I am not pregnant. I felt the baby 'fluttering' last week but this week struggling to stay positive for some reason. Do I just need a shake here?! Don't have another pregnancy to compare it all to! Thank you

olympicvibes Mon 22-Oct-12 19:57:35

I had hoped somebody would have experienced something similar or just replied. I really hit a wall about 4 days ago and realised that being ill and on my own a lot had been getting me really down. I'm trying to turn that around now.

PickleSarnie Tue 23-Oct-12 08:18:05

Sorry to hear you're going through this. I had a mahoosive bleed caused by a mahoosive haematoma at about 11 weeks. My perfectly healthy 10 week old son is now snoring on me oblivious to all the stress.

When's your next scan?

Hope all goes brilliantly x x

olympicvibes Thu 25-Oct-12 15:04:38

Thank you for replying Pickle, brilliant to hear all turned out prefectly well for you and you have a healthy little baby boy.

My next scan is in 3 weeks, counting down the days.
I was happy between 12 and 15 as thought things were settling but then started getting awful stomach and menstrual like cramps with some bleeding. Doctors don't know why I am having nasty cramps and feel so bad but I am so just have to accept that! The haematoma's still there-did yours bleed out at 11 weeks? I did bleed a lot at 7 wks but it's gone up and down really with no more big bleeds since. Last night I hardly slept for the strange pains I was getting and I've had nightmares about what's happening.
Haven't talked to anyone really so offloading on here. Thank you xx

Ladylike1 Thu 25-Oct-12 17:02:01

I haven't experienced this, but had a suspected ectopic, which scared me, was in hospital on drips etc, and felt so alone. Worried all the time, so much so, I actually booked a private scan with baby bond, they're not too expensive, and I can pretty much go and see my baby when I can afford it smile I'm now 30 weeks. Hope all goes well for you. It's frightening, scary, and I know I felt, regardless of what family and friends were there to "support" me, I felt, and sometimes still do, very alone. Pm me if you wanna chat any time grin x

PickleSarnie Fri 26-Oct-12 18:56:59

My haematoma was still there at my 20 week scan but was much smaller. I think it slowly reabsorbed.

I had aches when I was bleeding. Apparently blood can irritate your insides so hopefully its just that.

Do you think that the pain is being exacerbated due to you stressing about the pain? Causing a horrible vicious circle.

Hopefully your next scan will go some way to putting your mind at rest. In the meantime, stay away from Google. Google is not your friend. I drove myself crazy with worry with it.

X x

itsaruddygame Sat 27-Oct-12 10:27:18

Olympicvibes - no experience of what your going through but I think you should join the April thread on the antenatal board ( the latest is called flumper to bump smile). There are lots of us over there - some first timers and lots of experienced people too! It's full of support and of course people having the inevitable ups and downs and issues which may make you feel a bit better (but it's fun too!).

PeachTown Sat 27-Oct-12 14:50:29

I had a big bleed at 15 weeks and they saw a clot on the 20 week scan. It's so worrying to see blood, I know.

I'm now 29 weeks with a very active baby and I worry less and less as the time goes on but I'm still wishing the time away a bit because of what happened.

I agree about avoiding google and, awful as this sounds, any threads about mc. What you need to focus on is how common bleeds are in pregnancy and that the huge majority cause no lasting problems at all.

olympicvibes Sun 28-Oct-12 00:45:30

Thank you everyone for replying, sharing your own experiences and sending good thoughts. Just a big thanks for helping me feel less lonely. My family here are away til next week and I haven't had any visitors last few weeks, so was going a little crazy at home in bed alone while DP was out most of the day!
I feel like I am starting to refocus back on the baby and allow myself to be more positive. That sounds awful in writing. I've wanted to be a mum for a long time and was completely on cloud 9 when I got pg. I think my way of coping with doctors telling me chances of mc up to wk 12 made me sort of protect myself from wanting to be too happy in case and then again at 15 when the hosp said we had to keep fingers crossed. So being isolated for a few weeks from my usual routine as well just made me very, very low.

Bleeding stopped a few days ago and the cramps aren't as severe since Thursday. I have been out of house yesterday and today doing little bits, seeing a friend and getting fresh air and it's helped so much.
How are you doing now? Having family around is fantastic and I am lucky to have that, but I sometimes feel like guilty when they are worrying too! I really appreciate your message and likewise if you want to chat please pm too.
I didn't know blood could irritate insides. Stressing could have made the pain worse but it came on so suddenly when I wasn't as stressed as time of first bleed. I'm going to ask to see mw on Tuesday because the GP doesn't know and isn't trying to find answers after usual tests, just told me need to rest. Had the 'google spooks' and not gonna scare myself anymore. Off work but want to go back-trouble is I do something like make ( an easy) dinner and I am literally knackered from it. I think it is possible to scare yourself into being less active and then it's harder to get better. I'm definately feeling much better now stress wise though. Thank you smile
I joined the April bump club a few days ago, and it has helped me feel less alone immediately. I think we got to mum 100-good to hear how others are doing at same time. I'll see you over there, thank you
PeachTown Thank you. All the best with your little one too-great that you are becoming less worried now. I'm taking your advice. Have to be positibve basically-got this far! Massively helps to hear from you all. Sorry for long reply!!

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