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Fell pregnant when on the pill and need help with my due date!

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xnancyx Thu 18-Oct-12 20:55:47

Hello everyone,

Found out 3 days ago that I'm pregnant. I was on the microgynon pill and had missed a few (silly, I know). Although we were shocked me and my partner are very happy. I'm having trouble working out my due date/how far gone I am. I told the nurse I saw 2 days ago I thought my last period was 15/09/2012 but I've just realized it was 20/08/2012, a significant difference. Because I was on the pill shall I count that as my last period? Should I move forward my midwife appointment? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you guys,


cloggs142 Thu 18-Oct-12 21:04:50

dont really have any advice to give on this...just wanted to sympathise a little bit! in a good way! i fell pregnant on the pill and found out when i was almost 22 weeks...but midwifery team were great with dates etc.....the dating scan was pretty accurate, and we just went on the results of that for my due date! smile

xnancyx Thu 18-Oct-12 21:11:41

Wow, that must have been such a shock! Congratulations. Thank you, do you think I should just speak to a nurse/doctor and see if they can help? Would they maybe go on the dates I last had my period and then when I go for my scan they can date it?


bonzo77 Thu 18-Oct-12 21:21:48

They'll make a guesstimate based on your period, and firm it up with your dating scan.

cloggs142 Thu 18-Oct-12 21:38:00

exactly......just have a chat with ur my experience they were pretty easy going...ud be soooo suprised how many women have no idea of their dates. like i said the dating scans are pretty accurate anyway.....they got it bang on with my ds....he was two weeks late....but very obviously ready to make an apperance long before that! lol. good luck with everything anyway. So exciting isnt it!!!??! just makes me all broody thinking about it all smile xxxx

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