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"Its not all doom and gloom"

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SecretCermonials Thu 18-Oct-12 18:54:56

I've been feeling a bit glum and self pitying the last few days. Im 28+5 with DS2, and suffering with worsening SPD, anaemia and gestational Diabetes controlled with insulin. Ive felt a but glum as the complications havent been handled well by my GP (huge row to get prescriptions etc), my antenatal care has been poor (complaint currently sat with PALC/ PCT) although thankfully im now under the Diab team who are fab, my work have been shits, and ive generally just felt a bit sad - yesterday my beautiful DS1 was 3 and although we did fun things, we also had to visit the hospital and docs... So I felt a bit of a let down?!

Anyway issues with GP are almost sorted, and today has been a much better day, and it suddenly struck me that there is a lovely wiggly little baby in my ever expanding belly....

Just felt the need to off load really!

spandau1980 Thu 18-Oct-12 19:11:35

im feeling ur pain.. just off loaded on my thread spd ..scar tissue

but yes a baby is a good cause for the pain but we're only human and it will get us down..
big hugs

NellyBluth Thu 18-Oct-12 19:13:57

Whinge all you like, love, it sounds like you need it! Yes it is all for the best cause in the world, but that doesn't stop it sucking a hell of a lot some times. I had hyperemesis, I hated being pregnant most of the time, I could have complained the entire time.

Try and get some time this evening to just sit back and feel your beautiful growing baby have a kick and a wiggle!

SecretCermonials Thu 18-Oct-12 19:14:37

Thanks for not telling me to get a grip blush we struggle with fertility ishoos too so almost feel like i want to shout can I get a break haha!

SPD is a bastard! My section scar isnt too bad although randomly itchy haha fun and games isnt it?!

kellestar Thu 18-Oct-12 20:08:32

SPD is evil. Are you seeing a physio? I had a weekly massage to help with the pain, it helped for a few hours. A friend tried accupuncture and got a little bit of relief. I used to go to the pool to float about [not actual swimming] but with other DC's I bet that'll turn into a pain [literally] unless you go on your own.

I used to get so upset as no-one I knew had it quite as debilitating as I did, MN was a real support network then, I can tell you. It started mildly at 16 weeks, but quickly turned vile and was signed off work very early. Employers and relatives were just so unhelpful. MiL suggested I needed more exercise and told me to get cycling. I just wanted the agony to end, DD was 6 days overdue, booking a nice pregnancy massage got her out. It ended up being a lovely postnatal massage instead [heaven] as I delayed it by a month.

I'm 13+6 with DC2 and really really hope it stays away. I have plenty of sympathy for friends who are now upduffed and comprehend the agony I was in as they are now suffering.

I'm sorry to hear that you've been messed around so much secret I am glad that my surgery allow you to see who you want, rather than your specified GP. I saw a female GP who had been through hell with SPD herself and was a relief to be understood.

Feel free to come and let it all out whenever you want.

SecretCermonials Thu 18-Oct-12 20:23:37

kellestar thanks i feel so pathetic as if having done it all before i should deal with it all better?!

My SPD isnt awful (its hits me of an evening especially if I've had an active day) so apparently I dont warrant physio?! Im lucky that DP helps when he can, so fingers crossed that it stays as it is as dont really want to have to see anyone else haha!

Am off swimming tomorrow but with DS so there wont be any relaxing grin

Im electing this time so at least wont go overdue (although EDD 5-1-13 so 38 weeks is right on Christmas eek!) I just cant wait not to have to jab myself anymore i think!

I think once GP issues have settled down being under the Diab team care will make a world of difference as they really are lovely, just want to get through tomorrows pharmacy trip and finally have all the meds I need!

Ive resolved myself to the fact that work is just one of those things, and walking out knowing that I wont be back will be my reward for not throwing my toys out wink

Thanks all of you, you've made me feel less of a moaning wuss smile

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