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What can't you get enough of ............Oranges !!

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Boop33 Thu 18-Oct-12 18:08:30

So not had any cravings .......................yet !! I'm 37 +4 today and have eaten 5 oranges , 3 orange lollies and endless glasses of orange cordial. I LOVE orange is this a real craving or body wanting Vitamin C ..........!!???

What can't you get enough of ............!???

noblegiraffe Thu 18-Oct-12 18:11:10

I'm tucking away satsumas at the moment (25 weeks), earlier on I had a massive thing for lemonade. Obviously an acidic citrus thing! Better than my first pregnancy when I got through tonnes of Haribo Tangfastics.

Boop33 Thu 18-Oct-12 18:12:28

Yeah although i know which one i would usually choose ha ha !! plus my dentist is going to kill me ...........ah well !!! Oranges ...YUM YUM !!

mummy2benji Thu 18-Oct-12 20:19:36

I've had a real thing for tomatoes - juicy baby plum tomatoes... mmmm... and any tomatoey sauces and canned tomatoes. We have eaten a lot of ragu type meals! Also craved fresh pineapple... nearly dragged myself out to the shop last night at 9.30pm to buy a whole pineapple but in the end the rain (and the promise of heartburn eating it at that time of night) stopped me. It was a close call though. I have also discovered a love of lemon Muller fat-free yoghurts... ate 3 of them for lunch smile This is much better than the cake and curry and buttery jacket potatoes that I craved with ds!

owlface Thu 18-Oct-12 20:30:54

I have been peeling grapefruits! I'm not supposed to eat or drink citrus because of enamel erosion so I'm another one who will be in trouble with the dentist!

HelenofSparta Thu 18-Oct-12 20:39:48

Corned beef!!!

Doodlekitty Thu 18-Oct-12 20:41:06

So jealous of you people and your fruit addictions. Mine is chips and salt.

cherrypiew3 Thu 18-Oct-12 20:42:17

spongesblush I don't swallow them just love to chew on them.

Popumpkin Thu 18-Oct-12 20:44:42

I had a huge craving for all things orangey too with DD! I drank only diet Tango, ate tons of oranges & orange ice lollies grin. Do you know the sex of your baby? Someone (think it was a friend of a friend) told me "oh, it'll be a girl if you've gone on orange things". It was a girl but, to be fair, she did have a 50/50 chance of being right anyway grin.

backwardpossom Thu 18-Oct-12 22:40:25

Milk! Although I'm loving all things orangey too smile

noblegiraffe Thu 18-Oct-12 22:59:03

Hmm, do you think this is why we get free dental care in pregnancy? grin

2blessed Fri 19-Oct-12 04:52:05

Milk and melted cheese

emeraldgirl1 Fri 19-Oct-12 08:01:18

Yeah what's the deal with the whole orange thing?? Have noticed this myself the last few days - almost went berserk with excitement when DH picked up a bag of clementines from the greengrocer... In fact, fruit in general is something I've enjoyed far more since being pg - blueberries, melon, mango, apples...

growyourown77 Fri 19-Oct-12 08:05:46

Satsumas, tangerines, anything orangy, fanta lemon, melon, pineapple, grapes...just fruit and more fruit!

Plus crust bread and salty Walkers French Fries...


KenDoddsDadsDog Fri 19-Oct-12 08:09:02

Mine was oranges and fresh orange juice mixed with lemonade. My DD now eats satsumas as if they are growing to be made illegal any day.

noblegiraffe Fri 19-Oct-12 08:27:56

Satsumas are buy one bag get one free in Sainsbury's, which is lucky because I went on Wednesday and am already on the second bag.

They're nice sharp ones too smile

Boop33 Fri 19-Oct-12 08:58:51

Ha ha !! Brilliant ! its not just me then in the orangey club !

Pumpkin :- we don't know what we are having yet i'll see if the girl theory is right....................... ha ha !!

noblegiraffe Fri 19-Oct-12 10:33:24

I'm having a girl so the evidence is mounting in favour of the orange thing = girl theory grin

willyoulistentome Fri 19-Oct-12 10:35:09

How funny - Oranges was the only pregnant craving I had too! I once ate something like 6 in a day.

mom2rhysnruby Fri 19-Oct-12 12:07:39

Sniffin nail polish sad very naughty of me i know! But only have a whiff when im painting ny nails!
Sponges is another! Lol x

growyourown77 Fri 19-Oct-12 18:25:26

Had three lovely tangy, juicy, messy satsumas today! DH swears it a girl anyway, but we've got a fair few weeks to wait to see if he's right.

ImPeppaPigOink Fri 19-Oct-12 20:14:24

Another one for oranges. Anything orangey I love.

I'm having a girl smile I had the same craving with DD.

Boop33 Mon 22-Oct-12 17:25:07

Just been to Asda and bought 15 big juicy oranges .................YUM YUM ! :-)

Catlover0608 Mon 22-Oct-12 18:29:18

I went through a phase of drinking loads of orange juice, then wanting milk, but only the really bad for you, full fat jersey cow milk.

Actually I would love a glass of that milk now!

Stepawayfromthesweeties Mon 22-Oct-12 19:27:11

Bread, bread and more bread. Not only delicious but also seems to temporarily stop the hideous nausea :0)

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