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Is this sciatica?

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jenbird Thu 18-Oct-12 17:24:57

I have a pain which radiates from my right butt cheek but over the last few days my right leg has been aching. It is worse if I am seated and driving seems to aggravate even more. It also gets worse as the day goes on and has progressively got worse over time and is now making everything even more hardwork than it already is at 35 weeks. I have also started getting a little carpel tunnel in my left wrist. Is this leg thing sciatica? Is it all connected? And most importantly how can I get rid of it???
Thanks x

Boop33 Thu 18-Oct-12 17:35:07

sounds very much like sciatica i had it for about 3 weeks at 25 weeks and it was awful :-(. If started in my bum on one side and then moved into legs and bottom of back on BOTH sides ! was horrific i felt like an old woman even getting outta bed was hard work so i TOTALLY sympathise with you !!

TBH there is not that much that you can do my case baby was sitting in lower back and pressing on sciatic nerve (which runs down you leg) and only real reprise came when baby (thankfully!) moved. I would suggest bubble baths when it gets really bad does help for a while and if you find a position to sit in where it doesn't hurt stay there !! Ironically I found that the eliptical trainer at the gym helped ( think as it kept my body aligned that helped) but once i got off very painful again !! YOu could try sitting on a birthday ball too .....?

Good luck hope it eases for you ...I am now 37 + 4 and would struggle to deal with that at this stage !

Tara1981 Thu 18-Oct-12 20:18:46

Yes sounds like sciatica. I don't know if you can manage this but if you can try it as it helped me but with non pregnancy sciatica. Lie on your back. Bend your knees and Bring your Knees up keeping your feet on the floor. put the foot or ankle of painful side on the other knee and then press the bad side's knee down to increase the stretch. Sitting cross legged on the floor like in school assembly and pressing down on knees also helps.
Hope you find some relief. Maybe a mctimony chiro can help, they helped me with non-preg sciatica and are very gentle.

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