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The BEST things about being pregnant!

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growyourown77 Thu 18-Oct-12 12:03:44

Ladies, lets have a positive post to share some of the good things about being pregnant at different stages (we know there are lots of niggles, pains and grim things to contend with). grin

I'm 13+2 and just hitting a better (but, not perfect) phase.

My best things so far are:

- keeping a very exciting secret (until next week!)
- glossy hair
- hubby doing more stuff around the house
- buying maternity clothes and getting eBay bargains
- the excuse to plan house-projects
- a new focus for exercise
- excitement about starting a family with DH and being 'we three'

...and seeing our baby waving (with finger bones!) at the scan this week!

What about you?

Kelerina Sun 06-Jan-13 13:14:40


Thought i'd renew a happy thread!

Going to pregnancy yoga and chatting with fellow preggos
Getting to be selfish and saying no more
Bump taking attention away from massive thighs and bum!?
Rubbing my tummy
No hangovers!!!
Maternity leave!

MickeyTheShortOne Thu 08-Nov-12 17:42:14

Oh and...
-No periods
-Putting weight on (was previously on the skinny side, which was fine by me because its normal for me, but constantly being told "your too skinny" used to bug the hell out of me!!)
-being given chairs even when it meant people had to stand up grin
-people saying "no no you sit down i'll take control of everything!!"- this was GREAT when I moved house at 30 weeks

TwitchyTail Thu 08-Nov-12 16:23:35

Oh, and whenever I see a tantrum-ing screeching baby, being grateful mine is still safely tucked up in utero where no-one can hear him scream grin

Is that weird?

TwitchyTail Thu 08-Nov-12 16:22:15

People feeling obliged to be nice to me, because no-one is brave enough to cross a pregnant woman.

Ready excuse to get out of doing stuff I don't want to, eg cleaning cat litter tray (haven't told husband that exclusively indoor cats are at no risk for toxo).

Getting the last chocolate/piece of cake ("the baby wants it").

Looking at cute yet abjectly pointless baby stuff like fur-lined booties.

Prospect of 9 month holiday maternity leave! grin

MickeyTheShortOne Thu 08-Nov-12 13:05:47

OH, and the best one- LEAVING MY SHIT JOB FOR A YEAR grin

MickeyTheShortOne Thu 08-Nov-12 13:04:19

due today and i can't remember why we decided this was a good idea

I'm joking.

-How generous everyone suddenly becomes
-How excited my family and friends are
-Seeing the look on my great nanny's face when she tells people that she will be a great great grandparent
-A great excuse to look shit all the time ;)

thegirlinthesassyspace Fri 26-Oct-12 17:01:13

i also survived on satsumas! literally 8-10 a day kept me feeling satisfied!
Good things about p.g for me are:

1. my sister being really nice to me even though we weren't always close b4
2. mum being speechless and displaying a never-before-seen enthusiasm: can't wait for her to meet the babies
3. maternity leave
4. afternoon naps :-)
5. sex DREAMS - makes up for dh working long hours and not seeing much of him during mat leave
6. getting to know my neighbours who can't stop commenting on my massive bump "OI! Aint it abaaaat time you 'ad that bay-by!"
7. loads of other things

I am going to start a positive list by my bedside,as this really helps you appreciate the good stuff. Believe me I spend most of my days grumbling and worrying !!

halloweeneyqueeney Wed 24-Oct-12 16:36:36

okay waking up in the night screaming due to leg cramps isn't exactly the BEST thing about pregnancy.. but it is pretty hilarious (once the cramp goes) to watch your DH jump up every time you say "OWWW" in the night because he thinks you're in labour! grin

growyourown77 Tue 23-Oct-12 18:09:53

Fantastic tallulahbelle, that's just what its for...

....fingers crossed your ms doesn't last too long. I survived on sprite, crusty bread, satsumas and melon!

tallulahbelle1975 Mon 22-Oct-12 21:03:28

I just want to thank you for starting this thread! I came on here as I am 6 wks and feeling completely crap, total opposite to my first pregnancy. Instead of finding someone to moan with, you have all just reminded me of the wonderful parts to being pregnant and that this bit won't last forever smile

mcsquared Mon 22-Oct-12 15:21:36

Seeing my husband in a whole new light, he has been amazing during my pregnancy. I love how he tells me I'm beautiful even though I'm clearly a sweaty, hairy beached whale!

I got moved to the front of the queue at a wedding buffet. blush

growyourown77 Mon 22-Oct-12 12:54:11

Glad it's helped soontobe and I'm sure your little one will come along soon and you'll have all those lovely cuddles to enjoy.

My skin seems to have improved this week, so I'll add that one on too!

ImogensMumJess Sun 21-Oct-12 20:02:54

I loved feeling so special and privileged that something was growing in me. I loved the interest that others had, the questions and I loved being able to stroke my bump and talk to the mini me in there.
I loved mid morning snacking, early nights and not having to put the bins out!
I loved looking at apps and reading books about the progress that the baby had made that week. I loved that every week was a week closer to meeting the bump!

I really just loved being pregnant!!

NormaStanleyFletcher Sun 21-Oct-12 19:25:09

Alert to the MN christmas appeal go on feel all warm and fuzzy

PrunellaDeVille Sun 21-Oct-12 16:11:22

DH kissing my belly, always melts me.
Great circulation, usually my fingers and toes lose circulation regularly but they've been warm for months on end now.
never bored or lonely sitting with my hands on my belly and enjoying the wriggles.
feeling special.
i know i shall miss my bump when it's gone

soontobemumofthree Sun 21-Oct-12 15:55:44

Thanks growyourown77 for the thread. I'm 41 weeks and again today people ask me when my due date is and, keep giving me a pained look when I tell them this, saying I must "want the baby out by now" "errgh you must be fed up". I have read this thread every day the last 3 days and made me feel better each time.

Of course I want the baby, but nice to appreciate how lucky I am to be pregnant and the positive aspects. Our bodies are doing an amazing thing.

Passmethecrisps Sat 20-Oct-12 23:35:00

This is lovely an has made me a bit teary.

Ok, my hair is thick and looks fab
My skin is better than it has ever been
I NEVER feel fat anymore
People smile at me

Most of all I just feel an odd sense of wellness and contentment. I feel like my actual body is happy. Hard to explain.

expansivegirth Sat 20-Oct-12 23:17:31

Hair like a sixteen year old
Happy glow
An all encompassing feeling of contentment
Relishing the luxury of sleep
Enjoying every craving
The thrill of being in the middle of a long held dream
The extraordinary feeling of having people in my belly
Feeling like I was a hugging an incredible miraculous secret
People offering seats up on buses

Whatiswitnit Sat 20-Oct-12 21:23:05

Laying down on the sofa or in bed or the bath and just enjoying feeling the baby moving and knowing that you're not on your own smile It's a very special feeling having your baby in your belly before you have to share them with others!

chocolatecheesecake Sat 20-Oct-12 17:33:55

Warm feet

Thicker, less greasy hair

Fewer spots

Long strong fingernails

Having a baby (and maternity leave!) to look forward to

Free first class upgrade on the train (commuter)

eachpeach11 Sat 20-Oct-12 12:38:52

For me weight loss. Always seem to end pregnancy lighter than at the start. And new baby of course.

Queenofsiburbia Sat 20-Oct-12 12:06:57

Oh and puppy falling asleep with his chin on my bump.

That's just happened smile

Polipencoch Sat 20-Oct-12 11:52:17

The relief when I started feeling good at the beginning of 2nd trimester - from then on mostly all good, especially

Having a bump full of baby and loving the elastic waisted jeans

The wiggling from within - especially when DH sees/ feels it as well

Not exactly loving it all, but somehow getting through (in a calm way) the last weeks which seem to be in hospital (placenta praevia)- but counting my blessings that I am still feeling well, able to eat, walk around, knit and waste time on the internet! And friends keep coming to visit.

Pretty happy really... so looking forward to meeting baby (no. 1) but do think I might miss my bump and the wriggling.

Queenofsiburbia Sat 20-Oct-12 07:23:51

The kicks & wriggles (& especially hiccups) from tummy. Love it when I see my tummy moving of its own accord!

Spots cleared up (although chloasma slightly ruined that pleasure)

Moving house at 8 & half months means all I have to deal with is contents of my wardrobe grin

PixelCarrier Sat 20-Oct-12 07:13:21

Feeling my baby kicking. grin

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