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Coughing bouts leading to tightening?

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BionicEmu Thu 18-Oct-12 10:45:24

I have the most horrendous cough. I'm coughing so much I struggle to breathe and get dizzy, coughing so much I'm being sick, and even coughed so much I coughed up blood yesterday. My head's killing me, all my muscles ache where they've been pulled, and even my eyes hurt from the pressure. I went to the OOH doctor yesterday (my GP surgery is closed on Wed afternoons), and he just said I had a cold but I could have some antibiotics if I really wanted.

But now I'm finding that after I have a bout of coughing I'm getting some tightenings and mild cramping across my bump. Is this normal? Is it just the muscles etc being pulled? It definitely seems to be the coughing that sets it off, then it settles down after a couple of minutes.

Called midwifery team a couple of hours ago, but am still waiting for someone to call me back, so thought I'd ask on here in the meantime.

Have already had an argument with work this morning - I had a few months off sick over the summer with psychiatric issues, and they were not happy that I wasn't coming in today. I said that if it weren't for the bump stuff I would have dragged myself in, even though I feel like complete crap, but I'm not taking risks with bump stuff. Am 25 weeks at the moment. I had DS at 34 weeks last time, but was in and out of hospital from 25 weeks with contractions/pre-term labour.

forpitysake Thu 18-Oct-12 11:31:57

Hi - I've had a very similar problem and I'm 36 wks tomorrow.

Every year about this time I get an awful prickly throat that makes me cough and cough. If I don't get it looked at and get antibiotics it can last for weeks and weeks and just gets worse.

I know just how you feel about coughing so much your eyes hurt and it makes you vomit - that's just what I get.
I didn't get it last pregnancy as it was summer.

I've been given an inhaler as the 'respiratory nurse' and a GP at my surgery felt I was wheezy even without the cough and they have recommended I try it when I feel this starting and see if it helps.
It doesn't seem to for me, but who knows it might help in the future for you??

I went to see this nurse yesterday and she got some penicillin OK'd for me to take. I double-checked with the pharmacist who said that now baby was formed it was fine and the benefit to me outweighs any very small risk of any problems.
I'm having a section in 3 weeks and I don't want to be coughing like this with new stitches.
The nurse said my throat has got loads of spots on and she wouldn't be advising the drugs if she felt it would go away on it's own or I could use something over the counter.

I didn't bother talking to my midwife. Apart from the fact that I have found them generally unhelpful in both my pregnancies, she is only tell me to go to my GP instead anyway.

I only started my pills yesterday so I'm waiting for them to work. I have been awake for the last few nights coughing. It's bad enough trying to get comfortable anyway at this stage without coughing too.
I've got muscle pains where I've been coughing so much and my throat is raw.

It sounds to me like maybe Braxton Hicks are being set off by the coughing??
Hopefully someone more expert than me will come along and say if that's right!

I can understand how worried you must be, esp about work.
If it was me I would probably see your GP today. Maybe see if you can be signed off to be able to rest properly while you're waiting to get better??

Good luck

iamwhaticallpregnant Thu 18-Oct-12 11:42:13

Hello - I was going to post something about this today but didnt know if I was being silly. I too have a most terrible cough! If I laugh for example it is then followed by a fit of coughing and I feel I may vomit. It is deep down in my chest. I have a brown inhaler and a blue one but they seem to be not helping. My main concern is that I am somehow hurting / scaring the baby? It phsyically hurts my bump to cough (23 weeks). I worry that I am startling him - which might sound silly to other people. The coughing is unbearable - my partner wants me to go to the doc but I feel as though he will just say to keep using inhaler or that it will clear up. Sorry to hear you too are suffering thanks

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