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Is it true that most first babies arrive late?

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MayimBialik Thu 18-Oct-12 10:27:07

I'm only 37+4 but I'm desperate to meet my baby ASAP. I'd love it to be in week 39 but it seems, according to everyone I speak to, that ill go past my due date.

Were you late with your first?

OneOfMyTurnsComingOn Thu 18-Oct-12 10:27:56

Sorry, late with all 3 here sad

Currently 41 weeks with 3rd.

BionicEmu Thu 18-Oct-12 10:34:10

I was 6 weeks early with my first. But out of my NCT group of 8, 5 went overdue and were induced.

But I do know some people who went into labour perfectly naturally at 38-41 weeks with their first smile. But I know more people who went overdue and were induced sad

I don't know what the actual statistics are, but unfortunately I don't think there's anything you can do either way. Good luck though!

MayimBialik Thu 18-Oct-12 10:44:22

Yep it's just a waiting game isn't it. A very frustrating one.

I haven't symptom spotted for, ooh about 9 months, but now I am CONSTANTLY looking out for potential labour symptoms. The very end of pregnancy is very similar to the very beginning in that way wink

AlCookie Thu 18-Oct-12 10:45:33

I had mine a week early....week 39 as u ideally want it smile a lot of ppl i know have actually been early with their first. When i was in the last month of pregnancy, i so wanted the baby once 37 weeks were over. I was like, now he is medically full term so might as well b out grin i guess i was being silly but anyway he came when he was ready....

Good luck to u dear smile

Pochemuchka Thu 18-Oct-12 10:49:31

DD was 37 + 6
DS was bang on 38
DC 3 - looking forward to finding out (38 + 1 if the pattern continues, which will be Christmas!)

All the best! smile

oddslippers Thu 18-Oct-12 11:05:51

Ds1 at 37+6 ds2 on due date, both my sisters went over due, sil 37+2 .... there's a few stats for you to mull over smile

KentuckyFriedChildren Thu 18-Oct-12 11:18:51

8 weeks early with no1. 6 with no 2. Still cooking no3 and got just over 5 wks to go. So no.

flossy101 Thu 18-Oct-12 11:20:06

I drove myself mad with trying to spot 'signs' I was going into labour, went 10 days over!

FranTan Thu 18-Oct-12 11:28:33

DS was born on his due date - it does happen!

BionicEmu Thu 18-Oct-12 11:32:08

Right, have had a google and there's really not a lot of data around! Found This paper It refers to births full stop, not just first babies, but it's all I could find. I'm sort of surprised there's no real data/studies done on this TBH. There's a composite graph with data taken from a few different sources that basically shows that for all births:

Before 37 weeks: 4%
37 weeks: 5%
38-39 weeks: 10%
39-40 weeks: 20%
40-41 weeks: 35%
41-42 weeks: 20%
Over 42 weeks: 10%

I've no idea of the scientific integrity of the paper, but thought it was interesting that 35% of all babies appear to be born between 40-41 weeks. Also, the percentages don't add up to 100%, I'm guessing that's due to the data being drawn from multiple sources.

Pochemuchka Thu 18-Oct-12 14:26:56

I recommend Raspberry leaf tea, curry, sex and moving house at 36 weeks (both times) as excellent labour inducers (non-scientific sample of 2 babies to one mother) smile

Haribojoe Thu 18-Oct-12 14:27:31

All 4 of mine were late smile

Boomeringue Thu 18-Oct-12 14:31:32

Due date here,after a pedant at the scan changed the date by one day smile

mrsbugsywugsy Thu 18-Oct-12 14:54:09

I know two women who had their first babies at 38 weeks after relatively quick, easy births. They were both very active until the end of their pregnancies so that's what I'm going to try to do.

Although I'm not sure which is the cause and which the effect - perhaps it is just easier to be active at 38 weeks than 42, IYSWIM.

sweetkitty Thu 18-Oct-12 14:57:15

37+5 with my first that was a shock 4 hour labour too

Thought I would be early if not on time with no 2 oh no 41+5

No3 40+5
No4 40 weeks dead on but was an induction cos I couldn't walk

MrsAceRimmer Thu 18-Oct-12 15:01:53

DS 39+3 induced because of pre-eclampsia
DD 39+6 I was angryangry that she didn't come as early as her brother smile

Marmiteisyummy Thu 18-Oct-12 15:07:00

40+13 with DS (escaped induction by 12 hours!). Did a lot of research at the time, average gestation for first time Caucasian mums is 41+3. Bit depressing at your stage but gave me hope when I passed 41 weeks!

AlisonDB Thu 18-Oct-12 17:22:22

Ds1, lost plug on due date, contractions started following day he was born 2 days later! So 40+ 3 days.
31 weeks now, and talk of being induced at wk 39.

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