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spd pelvic floor scar tissue no gallbladder fed up only 23+6 and only 32 feel 132 :(( lonely and depressed

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spandau1980 Thu 18-Oct-12 10:11:21

anyone else suffering?
im getting spd so bad i cry
i have shoulder pain returning from gallbladder op last yr... took 9 months to feel better
have horrendous scar tissue pain where appendix once was (removed last yr during gb op)
my pelvic floor is so weak after twins and single preg it feels like all fallingout!
iv got really low blood pressure to boot
i used to love long walks with the kids or alone now im house bound
oh and to top it off i can't take codiene since gb removal as have spasms so bad its like childbirth...
fucked off don't even cover it..
want my baby very much..just been suffering non stop had 16 weeks of throwing up too...
someone help sad

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