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Anyone else think they might be leaking wee?? (the phrase 'tmi' no longer has any meaning in my life!!)

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DangerMousey Wed 17-Oct-12 22:09:37

So I am 33+3 and I think i might be leaking a little bit of wee during the day sad

At my last MW appointment (2 weeks ago) she said she thought the baby was breech, so I don't think this is cos he head is engaged or he's low-down. In fact, if anything I feel like I am carrying him really high (terrible heartburn, aching ribs of doom, no room for food etc etc). Instead, it feels like occasional kicks to my bladder are happening throughout the day - i get occasional bladdery twinges that coincide with baby's movements.

Also, whenever I go for a wee these days, it never seems like very much wee comes out, and then I feel like I need to go again immediately afterwards: cue another miserable little trickle!

Does this sound normal? ANyone else had the same?

AnitaBlake Wed 17-Oct-12 22:15:15

I'm breech too (well baby is lol) I've been leaking for ages, using pantyliners to help keep clean and dry. Don't forget if you're breech, the pelvis and legs are down thee, and my baby seems to be much more mobile, and so knocking pretty much every major organ!

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