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Regular period-type pains - what are they?

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PragmaticWench Wed 17-Oct-12 13:55:05

I'm 33 weeks and since yesterday afternoon I've been having strange period-pain type feelings but I can't work out if they are just practice contractions, or not (first pregnancy obviously).

They happen roughly every half an hour, last for one to two minutes and hurt in my lower stomach, through to my back, and now into my thighs. I've had lots of braxton hicks over the last week (usual tightening band without any pain), but these are painful and feel really different to the braxton hicks I've been having, much more like period pain. They also don't ease off if I get up and walk around, and occasionally I've had a 'normal' braxton in between the painful ones.

I have a doctors appointment later today to check it's not a urine infection, but the midwife on the phone didn't seem overly concerned. I'm trying not to be concerned myself, but it's unnerving! Anyone had these, or know what they are?

Doraemon Wed 17-Oct-12 14:02:09

Hi, to be honest in your position I'd be asking to go into the hospital to be monitored just to check it's not actual contractions.
I had what I though were painful Braxton Hicks in first pregnancy, then my waters broke and DS1 was born at 32 weeks. With my 2nd pregnancy I recognised the contraction feeling (which for me goes down into my thighs like period pain) and went straight in - it was contractions which were stopped and there was time for baby to have steroids etc, he eventually came at 34 weeks. Don't want to panic you but I wish in 1st pregnancy people hadn't just always said 'oh it must be Braxton Hicks'.
good luck xxx

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