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Anyone else pregnant with a VP shunt

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Fluffeh Wed 17-Oct-12 11:22:58

Just that really. I have a programable VP shunt to treat intracranial hypertension. My neurosurgeon said it shouldn't interfere with baby at all but will stop functioning as my abdominal pressure increases.
I will be having an ELCS to stop my intracranial pressure rising any higher in labour but I worry about whether the shunt and the baby will both be ok?
I'm 12+4 and have my first scan tomorrow where I'll meet my new obstetrician and discuss any other issues she thinks might arise.
I just wondered if anyone has been or is in the same or a similar situation,
Thanks smile

ImPeppaPigOink Wed 17-Oct-12 14:23:31


I have a VP shunt for the same illness.

I am currently 24+3 and told I will be fine. I wont be seeing my NeuroSurgeon until baby is 6 weeks old. He believes my pressure might rise during the birth but it is not definite. It should be fine for baby (until baby kicks it but I have been having problems with the positioning of mine), My Surgeon believes all will be OK and I will have no problems. How long have you had the shunt? I've had mine for 15months (3rd one I have had), The biggest concern is my vision but the DR's are taking a day at a time.

I have spoke with my Obstetrician and her medical DR, who believe I can give birth Naturally (2ndlabour first with IH) but they will be keeping a close eye on me and my consultant will be delivering the baby. I will also be allowed to push for a certain amount of time (Drs want 30mins, I want 60mins)

Fluffeh Wed 17-Oct-12 16:58:20

I've had this shunt for 18 months. It was last revised in April before that December. It's my 7th shunt since 2006 and my last hope really.
My ventricles are so flat my surgeon doesn't want to try again unless he really must. I had an LP shunt originally but that caused my brain tonsils to start slipping down my spine which is when they swapped it for the VP.
I've had IIH for 12 years and was registered blind in February from the optic nerve damage. It's the reason he wants me to have an ELCS so the last bit of useful vision I have is kept as safe as possible.
I stopped taking my medication before TTC thankfully I got the BFP two weeks later and I plan to restart it after the birth but its awful headache wise without it.
My neurologist isn't very supportive of my wish to not medicate until after the birth but my surgeon is. I worry that I'll lose my last bit of sight before he/she is born and never get to see their face sad I really hope my shunt keeps working until the end.
Have you found your symptoms are affected by your pregnancy? I find the headaches have increased but that could just be the lack of meds. I have the hospitals number if I feel I need a lumbar puncture but I'm trying to cope without one as long as possible as I find the pressure spikes pretty quickly after and I only get a day or so pain free.
I know it will be worth it in the end and that keeps me going smile.

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