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Polyethyl Tue 16-Oct-12 04:09:07

Despite eating healthily several hours before bedtime, and trying to sleep sitting propped up, I'm wide awake, and feeling rotten. Anyone else awake? And what delights are disturbing your slumbers?

runningforme Tue 16-Oct-12 04:37:08

I`m up - unfortunately it`s the horrible Savile thread that`s done it for me sad

I suffered awfully with heartburn in all 3 of my pregnancies, but worst with number 3. Have you tried milk? Coke (cola!)?

<sympathy emoticon>

Pochemuchka Tue 16-Oct-12 04:37:08

I feel for you! I'm up because DS is unsettled after having D&V all weekend. He's now asleep and I'm wide awake, of course!

Heartburn was the bane of all my pregnancies - I had it so badly the other day that it felt like my chest was being crushed or I was having a heart attack.

To be honest I could never pinpoint anything causing it either - it didn't matter what I ate/didn't eat, when I ate, if I ate and I tried every cure!
The only thing I've been doing is taking gaviscon and going to bed while it works so I can get some sleep.

Hope you feel better soon and congratulations on your pregnancy! smile

Polyethyl Tue 16-Oct-12 05:21:04

Grateful for the sympathy. I'm Not used to it, as I'm from a "man up" type of family. Just been entertainingly sick so had to scrub bathroom clean.

Hope we all get to sleep now.

Polyethyl Tue 16-Oct-12 05:25:15

Runningforme - I agree about Saville. I met him once and was repelled by him. After he left my friends and I all agreed we'd never met anyone who made our skin crawl so... then someone commented that her friend nursed in Leeds, where it was well known that the nurses never left him alone and followed him round the hospital... so he wasn't trusted, and people had their suspicions.

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