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Booking appointment/scan

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forgetmenots Mon 15-Oct-12 22:11:08

I had my first GP appointment today and it's all well. I'm waiting on my referral from the hospital for my booking appointment. The GP said it might be the end of November - does this mean I will have my scan at this appointment? Thanks in advance (I'm in Scotland in case it's different here)

ThreeWheelsGood Mon 15-Oct-12 23:27:39

The booking appt and scan are usually separate. I had booking appt at 8 Weeks and scan at 13 Weeks. Not in Scotland though sorry.

Rachel130690 Mon 15-Oct-12 23:35:19

I'm from Northern Ireland and I had both at 9weeks.

Kelerina Tue 16-Oct-12 06:54:18

I'm in Scotland (Edinburgh). Booking appointment is first, you get weighed, blood taken, blood pressure taken, urine sample taken......medical history taken, basically the midwife will mainly be filling in forms.

Gave a few bits of reading material, a book on breastfeeding etc but didn't really pass on much info to be honest.

I then got my scan appointment sent out in the post.

I'm 20 weeks and so far midwife appointments and scans have all been separate,

Congratulations smile

EmpireBiscuit Tue 16-Oct-12 07:00:50

I'm in Glasgow and had booking in and scan at the same appointment. When the appointment letter came through it stated to expect to be there for up to 3 hours.

forgetmenots Tue 16-Oct-12 07:37:28

Thanks all - guess its a case of waiting for the letter then!
Cheers smile

panicnotanymore Tue 16-Oct-12 07:54:21

I had to ring up the maternity unit myself and hassle about the 12 week scan, as due to a backlog nothing was happening. I'd have missed the window for getting the nuchal tests done if I hadn't done this. My booking in appointment was later.

I think it depends on the maternity care in your area, but don't blindly wait forever for a letter.

forgetmenots Tue 16-Oct-12 09:59:30

Thanks panicnotanymore - I will keep an eye on the time. Surprised it isn't all a bit more uniform but I should have guessed (I have lots of friends who work in the NHS for different trusts/health boards!)

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