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Bloody shattered

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Kafri Mon 15-Oct-12 19:28:02


First off, please don't hate me all you peeps who've had it tough.

Right, up to now I've had a really easy time of it, apart from the obvious fretting that I'm sure every first time mum does!

Well, I'm now 30+3 and can honestly say I feel worn out. I'm breathing really heavily, out of breath doing nothing, and have come to sit in bed while playing around on MN. I kinda expected to get like this but did think it would be later on as bubs got bigger.

I know the tiredness is from not sleeping at night - lets just say I'm gettin my money's worth from my new bathroom with all the trips to pee.

Is this all par for the course?? I'm sure friends of mine have 'glowed' right up until birth!

Doraemon Mon 15-Oct-12 19:34:51

I don't hate you smile
I'm nearly 20 weeks with DC3 and had to have a little cry on midwife this morning about how I feel so tired and uncomfortable already and yet all these other women manage to work right up to the end quite happily.....
I'm just not great at being blooming during pregnancy - I think during my first pregnancy it was a real shock and I felt like a bit of a failure for not being able to keep going with everything I would normally do. This time I'm trying to remind myself that everyone's body is different blah blah blah and be a bit easier on myself.

Andromaca Mon 15-Oct-12 19:36:24

Hello Kafri, in both my pregnancy I never "glowed", not one single day....

You can ask your midwife or GP to check your iron, it could be that if you are not eating enough meat/green leafy vegetable you could be a little bit low and so you are feeling worn out, but in my case it was only "normal during pregnancy"

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