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Anyone getting/used a baby sling?????

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allchik Mon 15-Oct-12 17:35:52

Hi, I quite fancy trying a baby sling, will probably use the pram mainly but thinking it might be nice to have a sling for quick pop to the shop or for walking baby round the house etc.
Im able to get things half price from a website that does the Wullaboo cotton sling (which is the type I was after) but then I got myself all worried as read somewhere on here that bag slings aren't safe? (guessing the wullaboo is a bag sling????
Obvs I would follow all safety instructions and be sure that I could see my baby etc....but would love to hear from other people that have used or are thinking of using a similar product.
Thank you smile

GenericDietCola Mon 15-Oct-12 18:32:07

The link didn't work for me, but I had a mei tai sling for my DD and will be using it again with DC2. It was great for times when I couldn't be bothered getting the pram out of the car. I also used it a lot in the house so that I could get on with washing up etc as DD would be more settled in it, rather than in her bouncy chair or Moses basket. Good for BFing too, if you plan to do that.

greenbananas Mon 15-Oct-12 18:37:05

I used a sling from when DS1 was 3 weeks old until he was 3 years old and I got too pregnant to carry him. Slings are great!

I've just had a look at pictures of the wallaboo sling you are considering. I am really not a fan of pouch slings, although some people do get on well with them. To me, they don't feel very safe at all (e.g. you can't lean forward properly while wearing them) and they are not very versatile.

Wraps are probably best for little babies (e.g. this sort of thing. They keep baby very close and are very safe and secure. They do look complicated, but once you are used to tying them, it becomes very quick and easy (took me 18 seconds from start to finish and I have dyspraxia so am pretty rubbish at that sort of thing).

Wrap slings and ring slings both double as a handy blanket when you are using a pushchair, and they are still good to be used in different positions when baby gets much bigger (unlike pouch slings, which are not usually very adjustable and babies grow out of them quite quickly).

I used a ring sling from about 6 months onwards - really easy to pop baby/toddler in and out, folds up neatly into your handbag.

Different people like different things, but my recommendation would definitely be for a wrap sling followed by a ring sling.

WantAnOrange Mon 15-Oct-12 18:42:29

I use an Ergo and can highly recommend but they cost £££.

Avoid ones where the legs dangle out the bottom because its bad for baby's back apparently.

PurplePidjin Mon 15-Oct-12 18:47:02

Google for your local sling meet, these usually have a sling library and lots of friendly people to help you out smile

greenbananas Mon 15-Oct-12 18:49:32

Avoid ones where the legs dangle out the bottom because its bad for baby's back apparently.

Yes, baby should be sitting in the sling rather than dangling from it. Her knees should be higher than her bottom.

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