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Feelin rough at 33 weeks

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DangerMousey Mon 15-Oct-12 11:58:58

Am 33+2 and had to give up on my morning commute into London today and come home cos I felt really nauseous and faint on the train. I was also really hot and sweaty and my heart was pounding really fast :-(

Is this just my body's way of telling me to slow the hell down?? Or should I be worried?

I have been lying on the sofa in a pile of pillows since I got home and feel a lot better. I called in sick to work and my boss was fine about it. I am supposed to be working till 37 weeks but am my sure how realistic this is looking now sad

(I have a longish commute - 30 mins on the overground followed by a short walk and then 15 mins on a bus!).

coffeeandcream Mon 15-Oct-12 12:04:52

Hello mousey, I'm also 33+2! You also due on December 2nd?

Sounds like you are having an unpleasant time, I feel for you. Definitely time to start slowing down, there is no way I would be able to manage a London commute. maybe your employer could agree to let you work from home one day a week, or get in a bit later so you avoid the mad rush.

Do you have a baby on board badge? When I wear mine, people are always happy to give up their seats.

I'm also planning to work to 37 weeks and am starting to think I've bitten off more than I can chew and have been totally unrealistic about what I can do. Need to take one day at a time... xx

datingthedevil Mon 15-Oct-12 12:06:15

Hiya, I had the same issue with a commute (drive, bus, lots of stairs, 40 mins on the train, 15 mins on underground then a walk). After much fighting with boss who didn't understand I got a fit note to say I wasn't to work in London.
Can you not get one of those to and work from home? Or is your job not one of those you can do from the sofa? I'm fit to work but like breaks and to be able to lie down every so often. Good luck x

DangerMousey Mon 15-Oct-12 12:14:10

Hello both,

I am due on 1 December (always get the number of days wrong! I guess that makes me 33+1 then!). Thanks for your sympathy, feeling a bit sorry for myself today!

Yes, have a baby on board badge and people are very kind - I dd have a seat this morning but the train was so busy I just got really hot as pukey anyway sad

That's a really good idea about the fit note...I can easily do my job from home (am desk based and can do my job anywhere as long as I have an Internet connection and a phone). I will have a chat with my boss and see what we can agree. Even if I work from home for 2-3 days per week for the next 4 weeks, that might make it all seem a bit easier!

Also hoping this baby drops down soon- I am carrying him SO high, am struggling to catch my breath and have hideous heartburn all the time (moan moan moan!!).

How are you feeling, coffeeandcream?

coffeeandcream Mon 15-Oct-12 12:21:17

I'm also at home sick today - got horrible sciatica that feels like someone has knifed me down my hamstrings. Couldn't take the risk with driving to work. Thankfully I have understanding colleagues and manager.

I'm also carrying quite high up with nasty evil heartburn (frequently chugging gaviscon straight from the bottle blush). Amazingly, don't have any stretch marks yet although I bet I've jinxed myself now!

Feel free to moan away if it helps! x

oscarwilde Mon 15-Oct-12 12:40:27

I was exhausted at 33 weeks and really struggling with my commute. It seems to have eased up a bit now, though I am now going everywhere at a snails pace. I've booked out my calendar until 10am every morning and am now getting the train to work [London too] at 9am ish. It's made a huge difference so if your boss is not too keen on lots of WFH, then perhaps you can negotiate a later start time for a few weeks. Better that you are in the office and they lose your services for 5 hrs a week, than you are signed off sick before your cover is in place.

DangerMousey Mon 15-Oct-12 16:35:22

Eek coffee your sciatica sounds horrid sad glad you have an understanding boss and you're tucked up at home too.

Had a 2 hour snooze on the sofa this afternoon and feel a bit better as a result.

Oscar that's a good idea re: travelling in later. When I speak to my boss tomorrow, I will suggest that and see what she says.

One more thing, after having an unnecessary consultation with Dr Google (i know, I know, step away from the laptop), I am now worrying that I have pre eclampsia....This is unlikely, right, if i just feel sicky, tired and run down??

My fingers are a little bit swollen (struggled to get my rings off earlier) but have been for the last couple of weeks, so nothing new there. And it's not severe swelling (I did manage to get said rings off, with a bit of jiggling).

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