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Placenta praevia - in hospital 34 +6 weeks

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Polipencoch Sun 14-Oct-12 21:54:12

I've been reading some archived threads on pp but can't spot anything since about June. At 20 week scan we were told the placenta was low, but I managed to be convinced it would move out of the way. So it was a bit of a shock on Thurs at 34 wk scan to be told I have major placenta praevia and they intend to keep me in hospital just in case until baby comes. They obviously think there's a possibility of bleeding (haven't had anything, not a spot) or early labour and don't want to risk me having to spend 15-20 minutes in an ambulance. But it feels pretty weird because I'm feeling very healthy (now 34+6), baby is happy and wiggling about, and so I am lazing about in hospital - not on bed rest but just being kept here.

Anyone else out there with similar problems at the moment?


droitwitchymummy Sun 14-Oct-12 23:24:52

So sorry you are having a rough time but it sounds like you are in the best place for you and baby. Bumping for you in case someone else is in the same situation

Polipencoch Mon 15-Oct-12 14:44:39

Thanks Droitwitchy!

Anyone else out there with PP?

luluella Mon 15-Oct-12 15:08:38

I had major PP with my last child, a few months ago. I had one major bleed and was hospitalised at 35+4 until delivery at 36+6... It was a difficult time but I was well monitored and the section and recovery were fairly straightforward and most importantly my baby is perfect. We got home 2 days after the CS.
It wasn't until I had the bleed that they informed me I had major PP. I was therefore living life as normal with my toddler and physically intensive job. I'm sure this didn't help...
I also felt perfect and not a spot of blood until the incident at 35+4...
You are safest on the Hospital site in case bleeding does start. If it happened to me again though I would prefer bed rest at home as I'm ten minutes away from the Hospital.
I hope you're managing ok and please PM me if you need any more info....
Best of luck!

Polipencoch Wed 24-Oct-12 20:05:44

Just checking in... wondering if there is anyone else out there at the moment with PP. Nearly two weeks in hospital now - which I am finding a bit frustrating as I haven't actually had any bleeding - but I gather if I was to be at home (which the doctors don't want me to be) I would still be recommended to have someone around 24hrs which is probably not possible with DH working. Oh well, 36 weeks now, the current plan seems to be planned C/S at 38 weeks so I'm halfway there. Let me know if anyone else wants to have a support thread...

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