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Drinking water while nauseated

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Jojoba1986 Sun 14-Oct-12 16:48:59

I'm 6+2 & feeling nauseated most of the day. I hardly feel like eating anything & I'm really struggling to drink even vaguely sensible amounts. I've gone off tea & water makes me feel really sick & gassy! I'm really worried about the effect of dehydration on the baby. My first pg was basically symptom-less so I have no idea how to cope with this!


littlemonkeychops Sun 14-Oct-12 17:05:59

I can really sympathise, i'm 8/9 weeks and just same. I also suffered with DD1 and ended up with kidney pfobs due to dehydration so it's really important to try and get some liquids down.

Top tips:
1 little and often, little sips every 10 mins is easier than gulps
2 try a straw
3 experiment with lots of different drinks, after lots of trial and error i found lime cordial with cold fizzy water best
4 try ice pops
5 weirdly i czn drink ok when half asleep so drink when i wake in the night but then have less pressure dufing day
6 be strict with yourself, last time i gave in to easy to feeling "i can't bear to drink", this time i'm making myself even though it's horrid

Hang on in there, it does gradually pass xxx

littlemonkeychops Sun 14-Oct-12 17:10:06

Ps meant to add - with baby 1 i had awful dehydration resulting in kidney stones and infection, i felt beyond awful but bubs was fine, the dr told me they're tough little buggers at this stage, they grab everything they need and you suffer with what's left!! So don't worry the baby will not be affected (if it gets too awful you can be put on a drip)

whatsonyourplate Sun 14-Oct-12 17:12:46

My MIL swears by cooled boiled water being easier to keep down than tap water, and my SIL who had awful morning sickness agreed. I've been lucky enough for it not to be an issue, so can't comment myself.

AlisonDB Sun 14-Oct-12 20:42:09

Lemonade or tonic water helped and still does help me, I can't drink flat water, and fizzy water/Lemo/tonic really calms my tummy down.
(It was my Nan's answer to all upset tums and it does appear to work)

Faverolles Sun 14-Oct-12 20:43:55

At around that time, I found fat coke really helped to settle the sickness down.

MikeLitorisBites Sun 14-Oct-12 20:46:00

Gatorade or powerade were the only things that stayed down with dd2.

Tescos own ginger beer was ok too.

I found having one these first thing made it easier to stomach water later in the day

DairyNips Sun 14-Oct-12 20:49:43

Yep, it's really tough. I agree to experiment with different drinks. I found fizzy water good bit my drink of choice would change every few weeks. For a while I could only drink cloudy lemonade then it was only pink grapefruit squash and so on. Sucking ice pops was easier sometimes. It's awful but it will pass.. Try eating watery soups too for extra hydration smile

Paradisefound Sun 14-Oct-12 21:20:12

I was hospitalised as I couldn't keep fluids down. Soon realised tap water wasn't good. Switched to bottled water which improved things a little.

Jojoba1986 Sun 14-Oct-12 21:48:09

I would never have thought of drinking fizzy things! Seems v counterintuitive! Thanks for the advice everyone - it's nice to know I'm not alone! smile

ivanapoo Sun 14-Oct-12 22:32:03

Plain water made me feel sick too.

Dairy I had a pink grapefruit squash phase too! Can't drink it now..

Cold fizzy water and acidic cordials eg lemon & lime also worked for me, as did fruit juice mixed with fizzy water.

Pink grapefruit juice topped up with ginger beer was surprisingly nice.

Tea & coffee still don't taste quite right...

Jojoba1986 Mon 15-Oct-12 01:12:06

Update: I've had 2 cups of hot water this evening & not feeling terrible! grin I laughed at DH once when he said 'hot water does all the same things for you as tea' because I was convinced it was just like drinking bath water! I'm going to have to eat my words now... & hopefully lots of other things if this improvement continues! grin grin

MrsJohnDeere Mon 15-Oct-12 06:53:31

Have you tried iced water? That really helps for me in a way that standard non-iced doesn't!

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