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Am I likely to have to remove wedding rings for labour?

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preggersshock Sat 13-Oct-12 22:08:13

It hadn't occurred to me until today when a friend asked me if I could get my rings off (swollen fingers!), that I might have to for labour... Guessing a natural birth I won't need to but if I need a cs is there a chance they would take them off me (cut them off?). Anyone got any experience of this?

Marmiteisyummy Sun 14-Oct-12 08:22:18

I work in theatres. They will just tape them but if they're already tight please consider removing them now. The swelling will just get worse to the end of pg and if you need a section and are poorly afterwards the swelling could get so bad you have to have them removed (cut off) to allow circulation to your fingers. I know it's hard to be without your rings but it's much better than the alternative.
If you're struggling to get them off then the best trick is to use lots of soap under and around the rings then remove with a turning/twisting action rather than trying to pull.
Good luck

Rockchick1984 Sun 14-Oct-12 11:51:05

I was just coming on to say the same as marmite - I used to work at a jewellers, one of my roles was cutting rings off that people couldn't remove. Having seen an infected finger where it had cut into someone's finger so badly (no I didn't remove it, sent her to hospital) and remembering how much I swelled up the last week or 2 of pregnancy, I would really do anything to remove them now. Personally I couldn't be without a ring on that finger so I bought a cheap silver band in a bigger size. When I got measured for it, I had to get one 4 sizes bigger than the ring I'd just struggled to remove, and even that was a bit tight immediately following the birth!!

preggersshock Sun 14-Oct-12 20:38:08

Hadn't considered swelling up afterwards! Thanks ladies, have managed to get them off, they are safely locked away, feels weird not wearing them

DizzyDizzy Sun 14-Oct-12 21:10:31

don't know if this helps. but my sister-in-law is going through her 4th pregnancy, but this is the first one that her fingers have swollen so much she's had to take her wedding rings off, and she's 32 weeks. she's got them on a chain around her neck. but she too was devasted about being parted from them. don't feel bad though. you'l be giving your husband the amazing gift of life!! so i'm sure he won't hold it against you if you do have to take them off. congratulations xxxxxx

halloweeneyqueeney Sun 14-Oct-12 23:27:26

I had an emergency CS and the OP made me swell up so much that my rings would have had to be cut off if they'd still been on. To give you an idea of how swollen I was my feet temporarily went up over 2 sizes!

the swelling wasn't unusual amongst the other post CS ladies on my post natal ward

so just incase you need the op, I'ld leave them at home

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