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5 weeks, so anxious (spotting etc')

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squizita Sat 13-Oct-12 14:42:09

I am so sorry, I know people have posted and answered on this kind of thing before but I am so worried. I suffer from anxiety and can hardly eat or sleep.

I am about 5 weeks in my 1st pregnancy. I'm an 'early' 5 weeks (traditional pregnancy test only shows in morning wee at the moment, confirmed it with a clearblue digital).

On Thurs morning, i had my 1st GP appointment and she was quite happy with everything, gave me advice, took my choices of hospital etc'.

Then the things that got me panicking started!
-Thursday afternoon I had a slight discomfort (not even pain- just pressure/muscle stretch ache) in my left of my tummy. I also had a pale pink discharge. My GP shuts early on Thurs so I rang NHS direct who terrifyingly told me to go to A&E as I had an eptopic shock when I got there the doctor said no, I'd be doubled over in pain if that were the case, and bleeding. This discomfort has kind of gone away, then come back on and off. It has never got even painful enough to take a paracetamol (I OKed paracetamol with my GP as I have a history of muscular back pain).
-Friday pm, I had some brownish 'old blood' discharge and a few streaks of 'new blood' when I wiped. :S I rang the Dr who made an appointment for Monday (they open Sat so I doubt they were that concerned if they fitted me in 'Mon or Tue'). This has happened on and off till now (Sat). Not enough blood to even show on a pantyliner just a bit when I wipe.

I am utterly terrified that I either have an eptopic 'in disguise' until too late and could collapse in Tescos (!! Told you I was anxious blush ) or will deffo miscarry.

I keep going on the internet. Husband told me off said only to come to you guys (mumsnet) or NHS direct as there are so many scare stories out there...

BadgerFace Sat 13-Oct-12 15:17:51

Your husband is very wise - Dr Google is not your friend!

I'm afraid that I don't have any direct experience but I've been hanging around the pregnancy board for some months now and can say from the threads I've read that spotting is a VERY common occurrance in early pregnancy (and sometimes throughout) so please don't panic.

I hope you get some reassurance from your GP on Monday but in the meantime take things easy and try not to worry. Easier said than done I know!

squizita Sat 13-Oct-12 16:15:40

Thanks thanks yes I will wait until Monday and see what my GP says.

I will also mention my anxiety to her.

WillowB Sat 13-Oct-12 16:56:35

Please, please don't google! I had brown bleeding followed by bright red bleeding for several days at about 6 weeks. Unfortunately there is very little way of knowing what's going on inside without a scan. You would probably need to be at least 6-7 weeks along to see anything, in fact our hosp won't scan till 8 weeks as scanning before can be inconclusive and cause more worry.
In the meantime your doc could test your hcg levels. I think they are supposed to double every 24-48 hours at this point so two blood tests 48 hours apart would show this. It would perhaps reassure you whilst waiting for a scan.
Does your hospital have an early pregnancy unit? Mine were fantastic. They gave me lots of reassurance and advice over the phone and this is where I went for my early scan at 8 weeks.
I really feel for you as I know how awful the uncertainty is. I continued to bleed on and off throughout my pregnancy and became an obsessive knicker checker! Stay positive though. The little blob I saw at my scan is now 5 months old :-)

squizita Sat 13-Oct-12 18:09:17

Thank you willowB - it actually all happened before my Doc could even refer me to a midwife or pregnancy unit, just the evening of the day I went in and informed her I was pregnant! So as you say VERY early.

I will speak with her on Monday. My tummy isn't painful, I can do normal things- so I am not panicking (too much) but like you say, knicker checking every few hours!

Same here, 5 weeks, spotting/bleeding. Waiting to hear (monday) if my hcg levels have gone up. It's not much comfort but you aren't alone! Good luck.

squizita Wed 17-Oct-12 17:22:12

Sadly I did miscarry. sad Thanks for all your messages of support.

My pain is a one-sided ache, low down. The hospital have done a scan and 2 day bloods and confirmed that the pregnancy is now finished and bleeding away. At least they have confirmed that no damage has been done to my falopian tubes.

BadgerFace Wed 17-Oct-12 18:16:46

Oh Squizita I am so sorry to hear that. sad Although it is at least very good news that your tubes are okay.

Look after yourself and wishing you the best for the future.

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