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VERY Surprising Pregnancy..

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LynseyPynsey Fri 12-Oct-12 17:54:06

Just had a dating scan today and I'm 25+1 weeks, didn't even know I was pregnant until positive test 2 days ago. Boyfriend and I are very very shocked obviously, especially considering the decision of what we wanted to do in regards to keeping the baby etc was taken out of our hands. I'm only 19, boyfriend is a bit older at 28, we've been together a year or so.

Just wondering about any info or tips people have, it feels like we have no time at all to get organised, due date is January 21st!!

Londonmrss Fri 12-Oct-12 18:00:57

Crikey, did you really have no idea you were pregnant?! That must have been a shock...
Relax- you have plenty of time to get organised. The list of things you need is actually fairly small:
You also need to decide when you'll be finishing if you're working and make sure you give your employer your MATB1 form (so they can initiate maternity pay).

JamesAndTheGiantBanana Fri 12-Oct-12 18:03:49

Wow! Congratulations! Don't worry, you have enough time to come to terms with it, you'll be fine. smile

All you need for a new baby is lots of vests, baby grows, a few cardis, hats, a snowsuit as it'll be January, blankets and sheets, a Moses basket, pushchair, carseat, a bouncy chair to pop baby in, a changing mat, millions of nappies, wipes, bum cream, changing bag, a steriliser and some bottles and bottlebrush, if you aren't breast feeding, dummies, muslin squares, erm.... That's the essentials. You'll need a cot too but not straight away. Other people will buy lots of clothes but all you really need is the baby grows. smile

JamesAndTheGiantBanana Fri 12-Oct-12 18:05:40

Oh, don't forget maternity pads (at least 5 packets) and breast pads, you will be leaky.

Ellypoo Fri 12-Oct-12 18:05:59

Congratulations! I'm sure it will take a bit of time to sink in - it does even when you have been TTC!!

You actually don't need a huge amount, certainly not new if you don't have the money - you can pick up loads from friends/ebay/facebook/NCT sales and carboots/charity shops. the only things you really need to buy new are a mattress for crib/moses basket/cot and a car seat.

Did you get your MATB1 - you should give that to your employer and discuss your maternity leave sooner rather than later.

You'll be fine, and there is loads of support on here - so ask any questions & someone will be able to answer them!!

LynseyPynsey Fri 12-Oct-12 18:16:12

I had actually been getting tests for PCOS etc as I hadn't had a period in months. Looking back now I definitely have had symptoms but because I thought that there was a chance I might have even been infertile, pregnancy wasn't on my mind! Only put on 2lbs since becoming pregnant and barely have a bump at all- is this something to worry about? The lady at the scan said the babies measurements and things were good but I'm still really tiny which is such a surprise as I'm quite wide hipped and big bummed, I thought when I got pregnant I'd be massive!

Only problem at the moment is I've only been with my employer for a month now (just started a 2 year Dental Nurse training scheme) so quite worried as I'm sure I'm not entitled to money from them. Boyfriend has a steady shop as a police officer so at least there's that coming in. Will speak to my employer first thing Monday morning to see where I stand though.

Londonmrss Fri 12-Oct-12 18:27:56

Make sure you know your rights: but it may be that you don't qualify with your current employer.

You will start to get a bump any time! I was about 26 weeks before there was a bump (I'm now 38 weeks). As long as measurements looked good and you're eating a well balanced diet, don't worry.

IllageVidiot Fri 12-Oct-12 18:46:26


If your measurements are good I wouldn't worry about being small - only one of my pregnacies has given me any kind of 'normal' big bump, the rest just snuck up and hid under my ribs I think! I never looked more than a few months until they dropped down to be born!

I also have had a surpirse early arrival (mostly due to my own disorganisation it has to be said) and had nothing ready because I thought I'd have ages once I was on mat leave to sort it. You really don't need a lot for a baby, lots of the stuff we're encouraged to buy is a bit pointless.

Make 2 lists - one for you and one for your baby. The only thing I would say is even if you are sure you won't have any issues with BF and don't want to buy steriliser etc - get enough ready made formula (with a good date) and pre-sterilised bottles to get you through the longest time a shop will be unavailable in your area. If you don't need it it can be donated but if you do need it, you will really need it and unexpected hiccups can happen to us all.

You will need more initially, going into the birth. Don't worry about getting 'everything' soon after the birth you'll be wading through gifts!

I didn't even get a pushchair, just a sling.
My essentails were - carseat, nappies (forgot about wipes and ended up using cotton wool for ages!), clothes that could be layered - I didn't get one hot garment but lots of slip on/offable things and blankets it made life a lot easier for me and one of those bedside bassinet things that clip on to your bed (which I loved). I didn't get a bouncy chair because I'm a great big hippy and had baby in sling and came in bath with me but by the time I had to worry about where safe to put DC we'd had plenty of time to get things.

Don't forget you have Christmas coming - be shameless! We got a lot of little things and some bigger things were shared between people. You will probably get so many muslins you could make a bedspread.

It's a bit mind bending, particularly with such a surprise, but I can't tell you how much stress it saved me to keep it simple - does baby have a way to get home from hospital, somewhere to sleep, some clothes, nappies and a food source? The rest of your time can be devoted to you and your partner and getting used to things. Best of luck with work.

megandraper Fri 12-Oct-12 19:34:52

We're you in another job. Before this one? You may qualify for mater ity allowance from the government - google it and have a look. Congrats!

LynseyPynsey Fri 12-Oct-12 19:46:37

Yes, I left my previous job for the new job! We looked up about the maternity allowance earlier, going to see about it on Monday. Kind o annoying its the weekend, nowhere is open!

mrsbugsywugsy Fri 12-Oct-12 20:00:35


It must be such a shock though.

I'm due on 25th January and have done next to nothing in terms of preparing for the baby so don't worry too much about that. It's my first too so can't add much advice. I think you might need to book antenatal classes such as NCT asap (if you want to do them), as they get booked up early.

Come and join us on the January antenatal club thread here

LynseyPynsey Fri 12-Oct-12 21:11:58

I've got my midwives appointment on Thursday so will hopefully find out about classes etc then smile

terilou87 Sat 13-Oct-12 10:57:59

congrats, i didn't show till 7 months with my first then all of a sudden i was huge. i dont think weight gain has too much to do with it im 36+3 and iv only gained 9lb in total but my bump is now huge. i dont think you will be entitled to maternity pay from work but you should be able to claim it from the government direct gov has alot of info on there about what you are entitled to and how to get it. good luck smile x

LynseyPynsey Sat 13-Oct-12 11:19:08

It's crazy isn't it?! I just keep thinking about the fact I was drinking all through my first trimester and I feel awful! The lady doing the scan said everything looked fine though. First thing my boyfriend said was, "oh God what if we've hurt the baby during rough sex?!" I was mortified but the lady just laughed and reassured us.

panicnotanymore Sat 13-Oct-12 13:57:51

Congratulations!!!!!! smile

I wouldn't worry about the lack of bump - my sis is wide hipped and big ribbed and never got a pronounced baby bump as the baby seemed to fit ok as it was. I'm very very narrow so my baby has no where to go but forwards. I'm going to need a bar stool to prop my stomach on by 9 months grin

I have no useful info or tips being new to this too, but just wanted to say good luck.

BadgerFace Sat 13-Oct-12 15:03:30

Congrats!! I am due on 21 January too and we've only just started thinking about things to buy so don't worry - we've got lots of time, even if Christmas gets in the way a bit!

Some good posts above on essentials to get. I'd also add to the list a changing mat, bath thermometer and a breast pump. And maybe some ready made formula for the beginning in case breastfeeding is difficult. Those were the top tips from one of my friend's anyway!

LynseyPynsey Sat 13-Oct-12 15:36:09

I'll add those to the list! My auntie had a wee girl in April and my nephew is just over a year so hoping I'm going to 'inherit' lots of goodies grin

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