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Barrett and Coe photography

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elvislives2012 Fri 12-Oct-12 14:44:17

Hi. Am 39 weeks pg and got a call from the above. Anyone used it or had any experiences? They got my number from NCT and offering photo session for free with a free photo at the end. All I can find out I'd it's a franchise that offers photography courses. Thanks!

FlamingGallah Fri 12-Oct-12 20:29:29


I got a call from them (through Emma's Diary) I think, and went along when my DC1 was about 5 months old. I'm a sucker for free stuff, my DH refused to come as he thought it'd all be a scam!

Went along, v nice photographer, session lasted an hour. Took DH along to the viewing a couple of weeks later, fully intending to get the freebie and nothing else. One gorgeous PowerPoint slide show later, with soppy music in the background, and DH ended up eating his words and we ended up buying rather a lot!

Like all this sort of thing, they charge you a lot for photos, but we have ours in our hall and look at it every day. It's cheaper than eg Venture. I'd go along when baby is big enough to be a bit more interactive, go to the viewing, but be fully warned that the photos are very emotive and you'll end up spending more than you planned!

As a franchise they are also presumably quite variable. I can definitely recommend the one we had (PM me if you want her details) but wouldn't be able to vouch for the others.


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