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Never had a Brixton hick

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debbie1412 Thu 11-Oct-12 20:00:12

Hey all

2 pregnancies currently 37 weeks into my second. I've never had a Brixton hick. Dc1 was back to back and I back laboured with him. This one is nearly in the best spot for labour but still I get no braxtons. I'm worrying il back labour again. Does everyone get braxtons??

Rockchick1984 Thu 11-Oct-12 20:05:58

Someone asked our antenatal teacher about this. Apparently everyone gets them, however not everyone is aware of them. So yes, you may never feel any, but if you were strapped to a monitor 24/7 it would show that you have had them smile

Londonmrss Thu 11-Oct-12 20:50:20

I'm 38 weeks tomorrow, never felt one either.

AlisonDB Thu 11-Oct-12 20:54:11

I am on my 2nd preg, never had them (or at least don't think I had them) with my 1st,
So far am 30 weeks and haven't had any yet either,

onedev Thu 11-Oct-12 20:55:35

I've had 3 DC - all at least 1 week overdue & I never felt one either!

debbie1412 Thu 11-Oct-12 20:56:16

It's strange isn't it, I'd like to think my body is at least practicing a little bit ready for the big event but it seems to not want to exert itself too much :-)

runningforme Thu 11-Oct-12 20:57:06

braxton hicks ??? I never had them either, in any of my 3 pregnancies

GummiberryJuice Thu 11-Oct-12 20:58:05

As rockchick said you can have them and not feel them, with dd1 I had to go one day for monitoring and the midwife said oh you're having a wee tightening I hadn't felt it

DameFannyGallopsAtaGhost Thu 11-Oct-12 20:58:47

Me neither, but I did date a chap from Stockwell for a while [helpful]

debbie1412 Thu 11-Oct-12 21:02:58


EugenesAxe Thu 11-Oct-12 21:14:36

I only recognised them on my second pg. In case it resonates with you at any point, they felt like a brief period of thinking that if my baby was any bigger, I'd explode.

They talk about tightness but somehow I never linked it; it was more like my bump was being squeezed inwards as far as possible by some external force.

EugenesAxe Thu 11-Oct-12 21:16:06

But yeah - I forgot I was monitored for a bit and they said I'd had about 6 BH... felt about one?!

JennerOSity Fri 12-Oct-12 04:31:16

I am currently 39+3 with second baby and have yet to notice a single Hick! However, my midwife has told me a few times I was having them when she was trying to examine me and had to wait till it passed - I still couldn't feel it even when I knew it was happening. I'm not complaining as I know some people find them really uncomfortable. My first was not back to back so don't think it is connected. smile

AliceHurled Fri 12-Oct-12 04:35:00

40+1 and never had one. I do get something I think of as baby stretching that I now wonder if it is one. I like to think the hypno is so effective that i just don't feel them and won't feel the whole of labour grin I dreamt it happened so that just be true, right?

ConfusedKiwi Fri 12-Oct-12 07:59:32

I think I maybe felt one in my first pregnancy, but then when I went in to be induced they monitored me and told me I was already having regular contractions which at the time I couldn't feel so I think it is really an awareness thing...

GoldPlatedNineDoors Fri 12-Oct-12 08:01:10

I never had one with dd. At 40+2 I felt pains and my first thought was "finally, a Hick" - 24 hours later she was here.

maebyfunke Fri 12-Oct-12 08:02:48

I didn't feel any until my 5th pregnancy/3rd baby. They started at 20 weeks with him!

sillymillyb Fri 12-Oct-12 08:07:16

I never felt them but at one point they had to monitor me for a few hours, and the machine showed I was having regular Braxton hicks. Was really weird as I was oblivious! Ds was back to back though. Even know I'm not really sure what a contraction feels like as labour was so short they were sort of continuous.

debbie1412 Fri 12-Oct-12 11:43:46

After starting this thread I woke at 4-5 with stomach cramps mild but enough to wake me. They came in waves must of been braxtons, lil bit gutted that it wasn't the real deal tho.

ellesabe Fri 12-Oct-12 21:46:20

With my first pg I kept mistaking braxton hicks for baby's movements as it feels like the whole baby moves to the surface of my belly for a few seconds.

BikeRunSki Fri 12-Oct-12 21:48:24

2 pg, never noticed one. I swear surface of my stomach never moved at all.

Beamur Fri 12-Oct-12 21:49:39

1 pg, I wasn't aware of them either <<waves at BikeRunSki>>

BikeRunSki Sat 13-Oct-12 07:28:34

<waves back>

Chunkychicken Sat 13-Oct-12 15:26:08

Didn't have any/aware of any with first pg. This time have has more aches & pains, although not sure if they're ligaments adjusting or BH etc. Have noticed more this time how my uterus contracts after an orgasm, which wasn't something I paid much heed to with my DD.

I don't think it makes much difference though - DD arrived 12hrs after I had a show, 10-11hrs after my first contraction, so I don't think it affected how 'ready' my uterus was to birth her.

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