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2 parallel white lines? Boy or girl??

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chubbychipmonk Thu 11-Oct-12 09:24:35

Had a scan yesterday (am 17 weeks) didnt get a 'through the legs' shot but really clear pictures of baby from side on (like you see in most scans). There were 2 very obvious parallel bright white lines = at the genital area. Any idea what they were or if that indicates boy or girl?

Housewifefromheaven Thu 11-Oct-12 09:32:10

Girl? Wait! Could be a boy though. I'm definitely sure it's one or the other grin

chubbychipmonk Thu 11-Oct-12 09:33:58

Lol!! I know. . I'm driving myself insane over the whole boy/ girl thing when really its 50/50 either way!!

StrawberrytallCAKE Thu 11-Oct-12 09:39:12

I have been shown two white lines on three scans so far this pg indicating..........girl!!!!! smile

StrawberrytallCAKE Thu 11-Oct-12 09:40:42

Oh crap...or was it three?? There were definitely lines.

LauraPalmerPlusOne Thu 11-Oct-12 09:43:53

I thought it was three lines for a girl?

Not relevant for me - we clearly saw a willie! grin

OP, are you going to have a gender scan?

Back2Two Thu 11-Oct-12 09:48:20

I know it sounds a bit funy but I definitely read that the sonographers call girls genitals "burgers" ....that's three lines (|)

Back2Two Thu 11-Oct-12 09:49:22

Did you want a burger OP....or a hot dog? grin

chubbychipmonk Thu 11-Oct-12 09:49:23

This is the issue. . I already have a boy so would love a gender scan to find out what this one is but hubby is dead set against it (to the point we fell out over it) he says it's the only real surprise in life blah blah blah! I couldnt go & find out myself without him knowing coz I'd end up letting it slip so we're not finding out. . But I am now literally driving myself insane trying to work it out!! confused

LexiLoganberry Thu 11-Oct-12 09:50:21

Yes girls are meant to look like burgers, so I'd say GIRL.

chubbychipmonk Thu 11-Oct-12 09:51:16

Am I not right in thinking though that you only get the burger image if it's taken from the 'potty shot' right between the legs. This image was side on. . . I already have a hot dog so would love a hamburger! smile

calypso2008 Thu 11-Oct-12 09:53:24

I had this - GIRL!!!

LeMousquetaireAnonyme Thu 11-Oct-12 09:56:15

2 very obvious parallel bright white lines it sounds more like the umbilical cord, especially from the side view.

LauraPalmerPlusOne Thu 11-Oct-12 09:59:48

OP, remind your DH that it's still a surprise whether you find out now or at the birth!

chubbychipmonk Thu 11-Oct-12 10:04:17

Laura I've tried that! He's not budging!!

sammyleh Thu 11-Oct-12 10:25:42

Our sonographer said 'there's 3 lines so I'd say that's a girl' in fact he checked twice and said the same thing smile

chubbychipmonk Thu 11-Oct-12 12:06:13

Is it always 3 lines for a girl or can you get 2???

kittykatskumkwat Thu 11-Oct-12 12:38:39

I don't think you wield see it properly from the side, this indicating noting sorry
It is the potty shot that shows the girls " burger" (|) and yes always 3 lines, I don't think you'd be able to work anything out from the side confused

kittykatskumkwat Thu 11-Oct-12 12:40:48

Why not pay for a sex scan on your own, not tell dh and if you refer he/she at times just say slip of the tongue or it feels like a ....

Goldenbear Thu 11-Oct-12 13:42:44

back2two is right they do call them burgers. They were correct with my DD!

chubbychipmonk Thu 11-Oct-12 15:44:28

Joint bank account . . Hubby would want to know where £100 disappeared to!! hmm

cbeebiesatemybrain Thu 11-Oct-12 16:13:09

When I was pg with my dd the sonographer showed me 3 white lines. Can you upload the picture for us to have a guess at?

chubbychipmonk Thu 11-Oct-12 16:24:19

Didn't get a picture. It was an unplanned scan due to a small bleed ( scary bit everything fine) . It was during the course of her scanning me that my eyes kept getting drawn to these 2 bright white parallel lines at genital area! But like I said it wasn't a potty shot it was side on confused

wkmmum Thu 11-Oct-12 17:52:11

I think it sounds like the umbilical cord too.

When I was pregnant with DS I convinced myself that I'd seen he was a girl at the 20 week scan. But despite this I still 'felt' like I was having a boy and (obviously) I was right! I think unless you really understand what you're looking at it can be really hard to work it out xx

cbeebiesatemybrain Thu 11-Oct-12 21:24:59

I saw unmistakable boy bits at my 20week scan with ds, I didn't want to find out the sex but it was so obviously a willy grin

With dd it was definitely 3 lines but I had asked to see so she had zoomed in and was really looking. I would guess you're having a girl based on my experiences, if they weren't really looking at that area I would imagine its easy to miss one of the lines but a willy will look like a willy!

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