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2nd baby - bump dropped at 34 weeks.

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ilovecolinfirth Wed 10-Oct-12 20:20:57

Ok, so on Sunday I walked past a shop window and suddenly realised my bump looked so much lower. Within hours felt very uncomfortable walking, as if baby was pushing down on me. Since then I've had funny feelings that I was going to go into labour. Feeling very pre-menstrual - aching and feeling sick. I've heard first babies drop roughly 4 weeks before birth but subsequent babies may drop days before labour.

I am now pretty close to 35 weeks.

Feeling a little nervous as my son came 3 weeks early with a relatively fast labour.

I have also had - until recently - complete placenta previa. It is now low-lying, but at the last scan it hadn't shifted enough for a normal delivery.

Will I sound paranoid if I contact the midwife?

chubbychipmonk Wed 10-Oct-12 20:52:44

Hi, don't have any previous experience of this so cant be much use! I Do think you should contact your midwife in the morning though & run it past her. . That's what she's there for & it'll do you no good worrying about it on your own. Hopefully the midwife will get you checked over and put your mind at rest X

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